Targeting a handicapped citizen, explosions, theft of sumac crops, razing of an archaeological hill the ground after its excavation.

Is Turkey really not an occupation country?! How couldn’t it be after launching three aggressive military operations: “the Shield of the Euphrates, the Olive Branch, the Spring of Peace ” against Syria by using various air and land weapons, with the participation of the radical Syrian Islamic militias affiliated to the Syrian – Brotherhood coalition and its loyalists, obliterating the related international charters, agreements and resolutions and good-neighborly relations; it has occupied Jarablus, Al-Bab, Azaz, Afrin, Grespi / Tel Abyad, Sri Kanyeh / Ras Al-Ain ). It is Turkey that has incited the militias against Afrin and its people, to wreak havoc and commit all violations and crimes against people, trees and stone. The Turkish flag is still raised and the Turkish language and culture is taught at schools and the Turkish currency is circulated instead of the Syrian Pound; under the direct supervision and direction of the occupation authorities and its intelligence.
Since the first day of the occupation of Afrin region by Turkey and its mercenaries, it has spared no effort to commit atrocities, in implementation of its historical hostile policies against the Kurds in general, so much so that even the disabled were not excluded. This is exactly what happened in Maasarakah ” – Mabta / Maabtali township with the disabled citizen, ” Ahmed Din “” meaning “Mad Ahmad”, a father of four children and suffers from a brain disability. Being unqualified, his wife runs the house and raises her children. After the invasion of the village by the Turkish army and its mercenaries, “ Ahmed Din ” did not abstain from his habit of wandering at night within the village, and in the summer of 2018 AD while he was wandering, an armed patrol shouted at him to stop. Being mad, he did not stop, and he was shot with bullets. As a result, one of his legs has been amputated and the other one was has been damaged. He has become disabled from the legs too. All that happened despite the fact that the militias controlling the village were aware of his mental status.
In the context of the ongoing violations and crimes, we have documented the following:
– In collaboration with the village mayor, the militia ” Alhamzat ” cut off olive trees the olive fields in Darkir village – Mapta / Maabatli township. Dozens of indigenous people have been arrested over two years and a half. Mohammed Mulla’s mother from ” Jokaya ” village was accused by cooperation with YPG, and therefore her olive trees were cut down. They also confiscated relief materials and prevented people from benefiting from them.
– The citizen “ Shaban Abdel Rahman Atash ” , aged thirty, from the village of “ Shankeli ” – Bulbul township , was targeted with gunshots while passing by his motorbike in front of the militia headquarters. As a result, he was hospitalized to Ezzaz and underwent a surgery. He was discharged from hospital on 22/06/2020 AD.
– A car bombing on the villas street in Afrin on 20/6/2020 AD, causing material damages and six injuries including children.
In the same context of chaos and havoc, on Wednesday 24/06/2020 AD an explosion took place at the time of a motorbike passing next to a garbage container (where a time bomb was placed) causing injuries and financial damages. Two martyrs have been documented:
1- Youngman Issa Hassan / 17 / years, an orphan and breadwinner for his family, from Marateh village in Afrin,.
2- The young man , ” Mohammed Ahmed Taher Hamaliko 33 / years ” , a father of two children an inhabitant of Hisya village – Mapta / Maabatli.
We were unable to document the names of the wounded.
– In the villages of ” Pele, Ahmed Mesto, Qazilbash ” – in Balbul township, the settlers who were settled there started to confuse and steal the sumac crop, albeit not ripe yet. When a citizen objected and attempted to prevent those who were stealing his field in front of his eyes, they bullied and insulted him and fired live bullets over his head. Upon complaining to the chiefs of the militia, ” Sokkor Al-Shamal , ” a man of the thieves said they would go on harvesting the sumac without fear of anybody.
– ” Shamia Front ” controlling ” Aranda / Sheikh Al-Hadid (Shiyeh) finished excavating and digging up “Aranda “archaeological hill and razed it to the ground. They had already cut about / 500 / olive trees planted at the foot of the hill.
– Due to crossings’ closure, there is human trafficking – not only for the people of Afrin but also for the recruits who were resettled in the region as well – between Afrin and Aleppo through the areas of Nubol and Zahra and thereof vicinty at exorbitant prices, and in the same context, 100 dollars are received for each person who wishes to travel from Afrin to Manbej area, to reach the crossing , ” Awin Dadat ” annexed to Bab region, controlled by militias ” Euphrates Shield”.
– The militias of ” Sultan Suleiman Shah – Amshahat ” in the center of the Shiyeh district / Sheikh Al-Hadid and the village of ” Kakhiriya “, take out every citizen who lives alone in his house, in order to rent them and resettle them in their stead. In a related context they require the inhabitants of ” Kakhiriya ” village to pay a fine imposed on their homes, otherwise they would be taken out. In this respect, they removed some families from their homes and live in tents near their homes, and they took over these houses and leased them to the settlers.
Despite what the inhabitants of Afrin suffer: persecution, intimidation, and unbearable living difficulties, and despite their feelings of injustice and abandonment, they are quite happy about the tidings of Kurdish – Kurdish dialogues, and they wish to go forward to include all other parties of the Kurdish national movement in Syria. They are aware that these dialogues are useful and will contribute to the success of Syrians’ dialogues, and consequently lead to a political solution for the Syrian national issues in general, and the just Kurdish issue in particular. That does not mean that the Kurdish parties are ignoring the issues of the occupied areas, Afrin and others, or neglect struggling to end the Turkish occupation and bring them back to the sovereignty of Syria.
Media office – Afrin
Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria ( Yekiti )
The martyr ” Issa Hussein”.
– The martyr ” Muhammad Ahmad Hamaliku”.
The citizen ” Shaban Abdel Rahman Atash”.
– A blast at Mahmoudiya .