التقرير الاسبوعي ـ عفرين تحت الاحتلال  187

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Afrin under occupation (187):

The Yazidi village of Basoufan – systematic crimes, the Sham Legion is no less criminal than Al-Amashat, arbitrary arrests, cutting down trees and forests

Considering that the victim this time was one of the recruits and had a tribe asking about him, the “Al-Sham Legion” militia was forced to admit that the crime had been committed in its security headquarters, and its security forces were mobilized to investigate it; But similar crimes committed against the Kurds, the indigenous population, are closed and most of them are registered against unknown persons.

The following are documented violations and crimes:

= The village of Basoufan “Basûfan”:

It is one of the large Yazidi villages in Lilon mountain, /35/ km south of Afrin city center and administratively affiliated to it, and it was consisted of about /300/ houses in which about /2000/ people of the original Yazidi Kurdish population lived in it, all of whom were displaced during the aggression, only /75 families = 200 people/ returned to it, the rest were forcibly displaced, and about /150 families = 1000 people/ from the recruiters were resettled there. 

The village and its surroundings were bombed nearly ten times before and during the aggression, as the old house of the late Sheikh Jammu Ali Osu was partially damaged.

Previously, the village belonged to the Autonomous Administration and was located on the border of the seam with the so-called “Free Army”, where it was bombed and attacked more than once, as happened on April 27, 2016, when the bombing caused material damage and killed and wounded its residents.

The village is controlled by the “Al-Sham Legion” militia, which took the house of the citizen “Suleiman Jaafar” as a military headquarters, and seized the houses of the forcibly displaced and stole their contents, and stole supplies, copper utensils, gas cylinders, television screens, tools and electrical equipment, among others.

And it seized the entire modern automated bakery with an electric generating set, and next to it the entire house, returning to the children of the late “Izz al-Din Sheikho”.

They dug inside the village in several places and in the “Kafar Lab” site east of it, in front of people’s eyes, in search of historical monuments to be stolen.

The remaining residents of the village were subjected to various types of violations and crimes, including murder, kidnapping, arbitrary arrests, torture, insults, material extortion and others, as dozens of them, including women, were arrested and subjected to severe torture, such as the citizen “Ghazala Manan Salmo / 50 years old” who was arrested by the Legion on December 4, 2020 AD, and I was taken to its own prison in the village of “Iska”, and her fate is still unknown.

As part of a campaign of arrests launched in the village after the car of one of its leaders on that date was hit by a landmine explosion near the neighboring village of “Bai’ah”. 

On March 30, 2020, the citizen “Delkesh Omar Arabo” was shot by members of the Legion because he refused their orders to vacate his house, where he recovered from his injury, and during the return of the citizen, “Ghazala Osu daughter of Jammu Ali, 69 years old” to the village after displacement in the spring of 2018, she was targeted by the militia checkpoint in the village of “Kabashin”, and she was shot and recovered later, as families from the recruiters were also settled with her in her house by force.

They were also subjected to religious persecution, as the Yazidi shrine of “Sheikh Ali” in the center of the village was vandalized by the Legion on the first day of Ramadan – April 24, 2020 – and its contents were stolen, with magnifications and on the pretext that it belongs to the infidels; Later, the dome of the shrine was restored prior to the visit of “Nasr Al-Hariri – the former head of the Syrian coalition” in an attempt to beautify the face of the occupation; In defiance of the people, the house of “Hanan Nasser Arabo” was converted into a mosque, and the people are sometimes forced to attend it, and some of the graves of the village’s dead were vandalized, especially those on which were written in the Kurdish language.

The Turkish army and intelligence made the villa (floor building) belonging to the sons of the late “Nabi Musa Nebo” in to a military headquarters and uprooted about a thousand olive trees, grapes and others around it belonging to “the children of the late Jammu Ali Osu, Muhammad Ali Qarno, Ali Hassan Osu, the Mergo family” in order to establish a security cordon, a thousand olive trees, figs, almonds and other nuts belonging to “Qadri Suleiman, Musa Suleiman, Juma Jammo, Suleiman Jaafar, Bakri Jaafar, Ali Jaafar, Hussein Hussein, Nasser Hassan Nebo” were uprooted with the aim of establishing a military base. 

The militias cut down about two thousand other various fruit trees in the vicinity of the village, for the purpose of firewood and trade.

Because of the occupation, some of the villagers fallen as civilian martyrs:

– Nizar Suleiman Arabo, 35 years old, and Salmo Battal Salmo, 50 years old, on February 7, 2018, while they were serving in an Asayish center.

– The girl “Rulafa daghter of Khaled Muhammad Ali Qarno, 10 years old”, from “Basoufan” displaced people, on 9/23/2021 AD, in a hospital in Aleppo, due to the explosion of a landmine in the village of “Al-Ahdath” – north of Aleppo the day before.

– “Khalil Souri Oso / 33 years old”, on 2/8/2019, as a result of his exposure to a landmine explosion near the village of “Burj Al-Qas”, while returning from the areas of displacement in Al-Shahba to his village.

= “The Sham Legion” is no less criminally than the “Sultan Suleiman Shah Division”:

On 24/2/2022 AD, the civilian “Abdul Razzaq Trad al-Ubaid – born in Ma’zraf 1977 AD” – Mhardeh (brought from the countryside of Hama – the Na’im tribe), left the village of “Jalameh” – his place of residence, to go to Jenderes; He disappeared and did not return, and the next morning, the militias of the “Military Police in Jenderes” told his relatives to receive his body, and it turned out that he was being held by the security of the “Al-Sham Legion” militia on charges of collaborating with the Autonomous Administration – east of the Euphrates, and he lost his life under torture; The tribesmen were mobilized and the situation in the district and the village became tense, amid a military alert in Afrin and Jenderes.

It is reported that the legion is no less than the “Sultan Suleiman Shah Division” and its leader “Muhammad Al-Jassem – Abu Amsha”, who became famous for corruption and crime.

Where we previously wrote about him in two reports (119 – 5/12/2020 AD, 155 – 24/7/2021 AD), and indicated that its senior political leaders (Monther Serras – Abu Ubadah, Haitham Mahmoud Rahma, Muhammad Nazir al-Hakim) are prominent members of the Brotherhood Muslims, and in the bodies of the Syrian opposition coalition – Istanbul, and we confirmed the existence of secret prisons for them, the most prominent of which are in the town of Maydan Akbis-Raju, and in the poultry farm of the late “Farouk Izzat Mustafa” in the village of “Iska” – Sherawa.

The kidnappers and detainees are subjected to severe torture, enforced disappearance or prolonged enforced detention without trials, even formally, or appointing lawyers to them, as a month ago, the Legion referred some detainees in “Iska”, including “Hassan Shukri Seido / 36 years old, who has been detained since 11/16/2018 AD” to the “Military Police in Jenderes”, where was the citizen Ali Khalil Khalil 42 years old, from the village of “Jalameh”, and has been forcibly detained for a year and nine months, although he has nothing to do with the previous administration. 

In addition to the numerous violations and crimes committed by the Legion, “Salil Al-Khalidi and Major Hisham Al-Homsi” in Maydan Akbis were famous for corruption and violations, as well as “Abdullah Halawa and Abdo Othman” in “Basota and Burj Abdalo” for drugs manufacturing lab.

The fate of “Ghazala Manan Salmo since 4/12/2020 AD, and Shaker Sheikho Sheikho since 16/2/2002”, who were detained and forcibly disappeared by the Legion, is still unknown.

= arbitrary arrests:

Occupation authorities arrested:

– A month ago, the citizen “Mohammed Hamou Hamouko / 67 years old” from the town of Baadina, was arrested by Raju police, because he celebrated a post on a social networking page about the fall of snow and the fall of whiteness instead of injustice and darkness, and he is still detained in Raju, and his family is unable of paying the fine of /2/ two thousand Turkish liras for his release; It is reported that his son, “Muhammad Hamuku son of Muhammad / 22 years”, was arrested in Istanbul two and a half years ago on charges of affiliation with the former Autonomous Administration, and was sentenced to four years in prison.

– On February 11, 2022 AD, the citizens, “Muhammad Hamid Habib / 60 years old, was released after five days, his son Habib Muhammad Habib / 24 years old, his nephew Muhammad Fawzi Habib / 26 years old, and Farhad Ali Primo / 31 years old.” From the village of Shadereh – Sherawa, by the military police in Jenderes, where they were severely tortured, and all were released after imposing a fine of /2000/ Turkish lira on each one of them.

-On February 13, 2022 AD, the citizens: Hussain Ibrahim Hajjo / 67 years old, Muhammad Haider Muhammad / 60 years old for the second time and released on February 17, 2022 AD, Shukri Hussein Bakir / 58 years old for the fourth time, Salah Manan Sheikho / 55-year-old from the village of “Qudah”, by Raju police and in cooperation with the “Al-Hamzat Division” militia, shortly after the arrest of the citizen “Asia Hussein Musa / 60” for three days, who was previously arrested for four months in the summer of 2018 under the pretext of watching her in A picture on social media pages standing near the corpses of militia members who were killed in the village during the attack on it. On February 21, 2022 AD, citizens “Muhammad Sheikho Ma’mo, 65 years old, Jamil Abdo Sheikho, 63 years old, and Hassan Ali Murad, 58 years old”, were arrested by Raju police on charges of affiliation with the former Autonomous Administration, They are still being held.

– On February 16, 2022 AD, the citizen Shaker Sheikho Sheikho / 35 years old, from the village of “Jalmeh” – Jenderes, was killed by the “Al-Sham Legion” militia, and his fate is still unknown.

– On February 17, 2022 AD, the elderly “Youssef Aslan Abdel Aziz” from the village of “Simalka” – Mabata / Ma’batli, residing in the city of Afrin, was arrested by the police, on charges of having a relationship with the former Autonomous Administration.

– On 19/2/2022 AD, the citizen “Muhy al-Din Khaled Naasan / 43 years old” from the village of “Alamdar” – Raju, was arrested by the “Military Police” in the Ashrafieh neighborhood of Afrin, on charges of participating in the night watch, and he is still detained.

= Cutting down trees and forests:

-The militias of the “Samarkand Brigade” cut down two perennial oak trees (more than 250 years old), the first completely in the site of “Khrabe Sheikha – Xirabê Şêxa” – north of the town of Kafar Safra, and the second in the south of the town unfairly.

– A comparison between two photos taken by Google Earth in (September 2017 AD before the occupation and the cut-off, August 2020 AD after the occupation and the cutting) of the “Qazqli” shrine-Jenderes forest, with an approximate area of /6/ha, it is clearly evidencing the extent of the extensive cutting that affected it at the hands of the militias, and considering the cut continues from the date of the second photo until now (more than two and a half years), the forest has been exterminated.

= chaos and disorder:

– On 22/2/2022 AD, a group of “Military Police in Afrin” militia attacked a “Civil Police” station in Afrin, due to a dispute and a stampede between an element of the first with the center’s elements, where they fired live bullets despite the presence of civilians in the center, injuring two members and a woman.

The families of the disappeared prisoners and those forcibly detained by the “Al-Sham Legion” are appealing to reveal their fate and release them immediately, as there is great fear for their lives, because of these militias’ reputation for torture and murder.


Media Office – Afrin

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)


-Damage to the old house belonging to the late Sheikh Jammu Ali Oso – Basoufan

– Excavation of the archaeological site “Kafar Lap” – east of “Basoufan”

– Forcibly disappeared detainee “Ghazaleh Manan Salmo” – Basoufan

– Sabotage of the Yazidi shrine of “Sheikh Ali” – Basoufan

– Villa (floor building) for the sons of the late “Nabi Musa Nebo” before the occupation – Basoufan

– The location of the Turkish military base, before and after the occupation – Basoufan

– The martyrs “Nizar Suleiman Arabo, Salmo Batal Salmo, Rolava daughter of Khaled Muhammad Ali Qarno, Khalil Suri Oso”

– The slain “Abdul Razzaq Trad Al-Obaid”

– Forcibly detained by the Sham Legion “Khalil Ali Ali”

-The young man, “Muhammad Hamuku son of Muhammad”, was arrested in Istanbul and sentenced to four years

– A perennial oak tree – south of the town of Kafar Safra, before and after excessive cutting

– “Qazqli” schrine forest – Jenderes, in (September 2017 AD before the occupation and the exclusion, August 2020 AD after the occupation and exclusion), Google Earth.

Translated by Europe’s Organization of Democratic Unity Kurdish Party in Syria (Yekîti)