التقرير الاسبوعي ـ عفرين تحت الاحتلال ـ178 

مترجم إلى اللغة الانكليزية 

Afrin under occupation (178):

The town of “Maydan Akbis” – extensive demographic change and the seizure of property, the ban on celebrating the New Year, testimonies of the crimes of “Abu Amsha”

 Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Afrin has been a joyful tradition in society for decades, but it has disappeared with the occupation of the region since March 2018 and the spread of extremist Islamic religious manifestations, especially since the so-called “Azm Chamber” (composed of militias linked to the Syrian-Brotherhood coalition) canceled yesterday, Friday, three parties that were to be held on the occasion of the New Year in the halls of “Jabal Hawar, Lord, Shaw Café” in the city, despite the absence of alcoholic beverages, in light of Lack of manifestations of the feast and the atmosphere of terror imposed.

Below we document numerous violations and crimes:

= Maydan Akbis “Meydan Ekbez” town:

It follows Rajo district and is 21 km north of its center, and it is located near the border strip with Turkey, where there is a train crossing; It consisted of about /500/ houses, and there were about 2500/ original Kurdish inhabitants, of whom only /128 families = 400/ people remained, most of them are elderly, and the others were forcibly displaced, and about /600 families = 3500 people/ of the recruiters were resettled there, within the seized houses and dozens of tents set up in the vicinity of the town, near the olive oil press of the late Ahmed Qassem sons, near the villa of “Khuder Mahe” on the main road, and in tents erected between the plain of Maydan Akbis and its mountains, up to the village of “Khrabeh Suluk”.

And to confirm the methodology of demographic change, there is a video clip filmed inside the town and circulated on social media, since the first days of the occupation of the town, in which a gunman brought in from the Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus talks about the town and its beauty and that it is empty of its residents and granted to them to settle there, and calls on his relatives to come to it to establish a new Qaboun in it with the change of the name of its mosque to “The Great Mosque”.

The “Al-Sham Legion” militia controls the town and is led by the so-called “Salil Al-Khalidi and Major Hisham Al-Homsi”, who are from Homs Governorate, it takes the “agriculture” building and the house of “Abdul Hamid Bayram Sheikho” as two prisons and two military headquarters, and the villa of “Zuhair Khalil” as the headquarters of its economic authority, and the villa of “Za`aim Muhammad Khalil” as the headquarters of the Turkish intelligence.

The militias seized nearly 400 homes, including their contents, and “Al-Khalidi” established his family in the “Khuder Mahe” villa. 

They also stole from the rest of the houses supplies, copper utensils, gas cylinders, tools, electrical equipment, etc., and a generator set for “Khuder Mahe”, and internet equipment for Walid Mostafa Dezo, and cars were stolen, including the Hyundai Pickup belonging to Ahmed Ismail Sino, as well as tons of iron from the train line that had been assembled at the station years ago, and the broken trailer parked at the station was set on fire.

It also seized two olive presses belonging to “Muslim Sheikho Marjan, Yahya Dandash” and the automatic bakery belonging to “Faeq Khatoun”, and tens of thousands of olive trees, grapes and others, including (3,000 trees belonging to “Khuder Hajji Mahe and his two brothers Abdo and Ayoub”, 1200 trees for “Mohammed Qajiro Ibrahim”, 1500 trees for “Muslim Sheikho – Marjan”, 150 trees for “the late Taher Alo”, and 800 trees for the family of the late “Nuri Ahmed Musa”), and hundreds of hectares of  Agricultural land, including those belonging to each of (Khuder Hajji Mahe, Nidal Muhammad Othman, Rashid Muhammad Naasan, the children of Ahmed Musa Naasan, the late Taher Alo); Not to mention the thefts, royalties and ransoms imposed on the families.

All the turkey oak trees were cut down on the main road leading to the town, including two trees that are more than / 200 / years old, belonging to “Mohammed Daoud Sino, Hussain Sheikh Khello”, in addition to the overgrazing of livestock between fields and agricultural lands, without one of the owners daring to prevent it;

The militia dug and excavated the archaeological site “Sureh” in search of antiquities and buried treasures to be stolen.

Those remaining in the town were subjected to various types of violations and crimes, including kidnapping, arbitrary arrests, torture, insults, material extortion and others.; There are still citizens present in the town who are prohibited from entering their homes due to the seizure of their homes by the armed men, including “Mustafa Ismail – Gilo, Ahmed Osman – Gomi”.

During the aggression on the area, on January 28, 2018, the citizen, “Aref Hanan Othman, 70,” was targeted at night with live bullets by the Turkish army, and he was martyred immediately; The citizen “Muhammad Abdul Rahman Horo” was martyred during his service in the Asayish on March 15, 2018, and the citizen “Ramzi Hussein son of Khamis / 60 years old” died on October 5, 2018 of a heart attack after the constant threats and harassment he received against the background of his demand for the return to his house, which was taken over by the gunmen, and on 3/06/2021 AD, the citizen “Sheikhmus Qassem son of Mustafa/ 73 years old” lost his life in Raju prison under torture, and he is from the village of “Kusa” and he was residing in the town of Maydan Ikbis alone, and his house was seized with it contains, and all his properties.

= Testimonies about the crimes of “Muhammad Al-Jassem – Abu Amsha”:

In the context of the dispute over the spheres of influence and the looted money between the various militias, and the dispute between mercenaries within the “Sultan Suleiman Shah Division”, testimonies continue on social media pages about scandals and crimes of their leader, “Mohammed Al-Jassem – Abu Amsha”, one of which is a recently published video clip in which the so-called “Muhammad Omar al-Omar”, one of his former members, reported the theft of “Abu Amsha” from an olive press near the railway tracks in the “Muhammad al-Fateh Brigade” sector, by sending an armed group to kidnap those in it on the accusation that they were “members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)” and to transport olive oil from there with five trucks, as well as the theft of five million Syrian pounds and six cell phones, and dumping the kidnapped in the valley; This testimony is consistent with what we documented about an armed robbery in the report “Afrin Under Occupation (14) – dated December 29, 2018,” which stated:

 “In a major robbery carried out by a group of armed faction members, the Al-Khayrat olive press (formerly Sheikh Hussein olive press) – Ketekh-Drumieh Road, was attacked on the night of 12/25/2018. Some of them were left in a further place – near the village of Kala, which prompted the owner of the olive press, Muhammad Ali Sineh from the village of Qantareh to close it, and he who had previously paid a large ransom to retrieve its machines from the hands of thieves who stole it during the occupation of the area”; The aforementioned road leads to the center of Shiye/Sheikh al-Hadid district, the stronghold of “Abu Amsha”, and the village of “Kala” belongs to it and falls under its control.

In another new video clip, the so-called “Abdul Ghafour Al-Omar”, a former member of “Abu Amsha”, confirms that when he invaded several villages and towns in Sheikh Al-Hadid, he collected large quantities of olive oil found in homes, shops and presses, and transported them to Turkey under the management of his brother, “Alamdar”, he forced every family in Sheikh Al-Hadid to pay sums of money to allow them to return to the town, and he forced the women of them to pay huge sums of money after accusing them of belonging to the “PKK” or raping them.

He also forced the owner of each olive press to pay $25,000 in royalties to him, Sharing the seasons of the Kurds equally under various fatwas, and rent paid to him for their houses! This testimony also coincides with what we have published in numerous reports on the thefts, royalties and financial ransoms that he imposed on the remaining families and the looting of absentees’ properties.

As a result of the pressures that Abu Amsha is subjected to, he tightened his security and military measures within his control, forcing his members, their families, and the people of the district to go out in rallies in support of him, and forcing some groups to make statements of solidarity with him and to deny the violations attributed to him.

= Other violations:

– On December 22, 2021 AD, the occupation authorities arrested Fathi Muhammad Ali from the village of “Ma’arskeh” – Shara / Sharan, then released him on the fifth day. He was kidnapped and arrested more than once.

– On December 30, 2021 AD, the occupation authorities re-arrested the citizen “Nisreen Muhammad Waqas / 30 / years old” from the town of “Kakhreh” – Mabata / Maabatli, after she was released earlier on bail after being detained in Afrin prison since 21 / 9/2021 AD, in order to complete the remainder of the unjust prison sentence imposed on her for her relationship with the former Autonomous Administration.

– On December 30, 2021 AD, the militias of the “Syrian Front” raided houses in the village of “Turendeh” – Afrin, and arrested the citizen “Mustafa Nasir Hikma – Fako / 50 years old” and a young man named “Hussein / 26 / years old” residing in the village, without knowing the reasons.

Is it that “revolution” for which the dear and precious Syrian people paid, so that the militias claiming to raise its banner today come and prevent the celebration of New Year’s Day from the people of Afrin?! Is it that “freedom and dignity” that the opposition coalition and its interim government call for, and that security that Erdogan and his ruling staff claimed to provide in their areas of occupation, to prevent today the joy and happiness of a new year?!

01/01/2022 AD

Media Office – Afrin

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)


– The train station at Maydan Akbis – Raju

– The takeover of a shop in the town of “Maydan Akbis”.

– The martyrs: Aref Hanan Othman, Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Horo, and Sheikhmus Mustafa Qassem.

– The late “Ramzi Hussein son of Khamis”.

– The so-called “Salil al-Khalidi”, the leader of the “Al-Sham Legion” militia in the town of “Maydan Akbis”.

– “Sureh” archaeological site – “Maydan Akbis”.

Translated by Europe’s Organization of Democratic Unity Kurdish Party in Syria (Yekîti)