التقرير الاسبوعي ـ عفرين تحت الاحتلال ـ 169

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Afrin under occupation (169)

The villages of “Afrazeh, Gobekeh, Golkiya”: arbitrary arrests, Looting and imposing royalties on the olive season, chaos and a religious extremist movement

Despite all the crimes committed in Afrin region and still, and the chaos and crises which are experienced in the areas of the Turkish occupation influence in northern Syria, and the spread of terrorists in it and the transformation of tens of thousands of militants (the claimant of the revolution) into mercenaries on demand, in full view of the world… The Justice and Development Government and its President Erdogan continue to threaten by occupying other areas, ignoring the positions of the international community and the consequences of any new aggression in terms of additional tragedies and crises for the Syrian people.

Below we document another part of those crimes:

= Avrazeh, Gobekeh, Golkiya villages:

Three adjacent villages on the southern slope of Mount Hawar belong to the Mabatli district and are 11 km from its center, these villages consist of about / 225 / houses, inhabited by about a thousand original Kurdish citizens, of whom / 15 families = 75 people / were forcibly displaced, and about / 50 families = 300 people / from the recruiters were resettled in them, besides the camp that was set up near it on an area of 1 / km2 and includes about / 385 families = 2,300 people / from the recruiters, and all services are provided to them.

The militias of the “North Brigade” took control of the three villages and made the house of “Muddathir Shuaib Suleiman” in “Afrazeh” as a military headquarters, and seized about / 25 / houses with their contents, and stole two agricultural tractors belonging to the citizens “Khalil Abdo Daoud, Kamal Naasan” and two cars ( Hyundai pickup and Carnival saloon) for “Mohamed Hussein”, a Toyota pickup for “Enayat Hamo” and an electric generating set (amperes) for “ Za`aim Qadour”, the transformer of the public electricity network and a section of its cables, and the poles and cables of the landline telephone network.

It also seized about / 3 thousand / olive trees, including those belonging to the “Hanak family, the Medawar family, Manan Sheikh Naasan”, and the building of the olive press belonging to “Mohammed Ali Sheikho” – and placed machines in it to operate for its benefit every season- and also his house in “Afrazeh” although that he resides in the city of Afrin, and also on the building of a poultry farm for “Muhammad Hamid Jaafar” and the building of an old Birin factory for “Hamid Shukri Mustafa”, which are located in the village junction, and used for raising livestock and housing the families of her recruiters, a 40% royalty is imposed on olive production from absentee property.

Two years ago, it has more than once and currently bulldozed and excavated Tel “Afrazeh” with heavy machinery in search of antiquities and treasures to steal them, which led to the uprooting of dozens of olive trees belonging to the “Sheikh Ma’am family”, as well as it excavated many sites around the village cemetery near the hill.

Oaks and olive trees were cut down in a shrine north of the village, and forest trees continued to be cut from Hawar mountain to continue to manufacture and trade in charcoal, as there are about 25 coal production pits on threshing floor between the villages of “Afrazeh and Golkiya,” in addition to the unjust cutting of hundreds of olive trees every year.

The residents of the three villages were subjected to various violations, from kidnapping and arbitrary arrest, accompanied by torture, insults, material extortion, hiring men without paying their wages, and other inhumane practices such as the arrest of dozens, including women, on unfair charges, some of them more than once, such as Sherhad Oso son of Dayan, 35 years old, from the village of Zaryeh – Bulbul, who moved to live in Afrazeh – his wife’s village – since ten years – he was arrested in late 2018, and severely tortured on the pretext that his brothers and relatives are in the ranks of the People’s Protection Units, so he was forcibly displaced to Aleppo and fell ill with a terminal illness that led to his death, the militias also stole his agricultural tractor in the village, which was in the possession of Ismat Hanan, his father-in-law.

Among the citizens of the village of Afrazeh, the following civilians were martyred:

– “Omar Hajj Hassan Omar, 35 years old”, in the massacre of Mahmudiya neighborhood in Afrin city on March 16, 2018, as a result of the bombing of the Turkish army.

– “Mustafa Abdo Shaheen / 60 years old”, on May 22, 2018, with live ammunition during a nightly raid on his house in the Mahmudiya neighborhood in Afrin city by an armed militia.

– “Kamiran Manan Ali Bin Nabi / 45 years old” on 16/12/2018, in the accident of detonating a “van” car inside Al-Hal Market, Afrin.

– “Akid Muhammad Sheikh Hassan / 25 years old”, in mysterious circumstances, where his body was found in mid-January 2019 near his village.

– “Muhammad Hanif Muslim, 33 years old”, a graduate of the Faculty of Sharia in Damascus, the afternoon of Tuesday, April 28, 2020, as a result of a large explosion in front of the popular market in Rajo Street in Afrin.

= Arbitrary arrests:

Occupation authorities arrested:

– On October 23, 2021 AD, lawyer Najah Omar Arous, 51 years old, from the village of “Kura” – Raju, by the district police, on the pretext that she appeared in a video clip of a protest against the Turkish aggression in front of the Justice Building in Afrin during the Autonomous Administration The previous one, after returning from Aleppo to the village at the beginning of this month to visit her elderly, sick parents, as her father died a day before her arrival; She was transferred to Afrin prisons.

– On 10/25/2021 AD, the citizens “Hanan Moussalli and his two daughters Nujeen and Nisreen, Ahmed Mousli, Muhammad Amin Mousli” from the people of the town of Shara / Sharan by the “military police”, after searching their homes and their cell phones, and took them to Afrin, to release them on 10/28/2021 AD, without any charges being brought against them

– On October 26, 2021 AD, citizen Shukri Muhammad Abdo, 65 years old, from the village of “Saria” – Mabata / Maabatli, was accused of having ties to the former Autonomous Administration, and he was released on October 28, 2021 AD.

– On 10/27/2021 AD, citizens “Ayman Muhammad Ali Kifu / 27 years old, his wife Benfasha Muhammad Nur Kivu / 25 years old and mother of two children, his sister, the girl Nofin Muhammad Ali Kifu / 25 years”, from the village of Ghazawiya – Sherawa, by the Military Police in Afrin, on charges of having ties with the former Autonomous Administration.

= olive season:

Thefts and royalties continue, and the sale and purchase of olive oil at a low price (37 US dollars and less per a can of /16/ kg net, less than the popular price in the Syrian market by about /20/ US dollars) and olives at a price (3-6 TL ≈ 1 -2 thousand SP/kg, less than the prevailing price in the Syrian market by about a thousand SP); as:

– The militias of Faylaq al-Majd informed the people of the village of “Kela” – Bulbul (70 families) of imposing a royalty of /300/ cans of olive oil (16 kg net), and the people of the village of “Zarka” – Raju with / 130 / cans.

– The “Al-Sham Legion” militia informed the residents of the village of “Diekeh” – Raju of imposing a royalty of /150/ cans of olive oil (16 kg net each).

– Ten days ago, a group of “Al-Hamza Division” militias looted olive fruits from a field (230 trees) belonging to the forcibly displaced “Adnan Rashid Kara Gul” from the village of “Satiya” – Mabata / Maabatli, located near the nearby Gawruka well, they brandished the weapon in the face of his elderly father, “Rasheed Kara Jul” when he went to the field and tried to prevent the theft and they expelled him.

– A week ago, the so-called “Abu Farhan”, the leader of the “Sultan Murad Division” militia in the village of “Kafaroumeh” – Shara / Sharran, looted the olive fruits from a field (150 trees) belonging to the forcibly displaced “Youssef Rashid Abdo”, although he had delegated his brother “Mohammed” to manage his property, and who was providing the care and expenses needed to take care of the field for two years.

= chaos and disorder:

On 10/24/2021 AD, an armed group of the “Sultan Seliman Shah Division” militia – Amshat stationed in Shihye / Sheikh Al-Hadid district and has no influence in the city of Afrin tried to kidnap the recruit “Ahmed Al-Nayef”, a vegetable and fruit merchant from the middle of Al-Hal market Afrin, however, a group of militias from “Division 51 – the Levant Front” confronted and prevented them, and clashes took place between the two parties, which led to the killing of one of the Amshas and the wounding of five others.

= miscellaneous:

– In another confirmation of the existence of a drug lab in the village of “Burj Abdalo” – Sherawa under the control of the “Special Forces – Faylaq al-Sham” militia affiliated with the “Syrian National Army” linked to the Syrian-Brotherhood coalition loyal to Turkey and led by the so-called “Abdullah Halawa”, the local council in Afrin posted on its Facebook page on 10/26/2021 AD news that “the Directorate of Health in Afrin, in coordination with the security services,” “destroyed the narcotic substances that were seized in a factory for the production of narcotic substances in the countryside of Afrin”; It is reported that the militias of the “Military Police in Jenderes” stormed the factory on 3/10/2021 AD after a clash with its guards. 

The occupation authorities have not yet revealed the details of their investigations, the factory’s ownership, production capacity, quality of raw materials, production, methods and destinations for sale and purchase.

– Within the framework of the militant and active religious movement in Afrin, the “Awqaf, Ifta’ and Religious Affairs Department in Bulbul” opened, on 22/10/2021 AD, a mosque in the village of “Qurneh” and another in the site of “Risheh” in the town of Bulbul and the Turkish flag raised on them, which were built by the “White Hands Association – Turkey” and funded by the “Living with Dignity Association – Palestine 48”; On 9/8/2021 AD, the department had honored male and female students who excelled in Quranic circles during the summer.

The international community is facing another test to restrain Erdogan and his regime in the blatant and suspicious interference in the Syrian affairs, and in its sponsorship of extremist Islamic organizations, and in the use of mercenaries against the Kurds in Syria and the aggression against their areas.


Media Office – Afrin

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)


– A camp for recruiters near the villages of “Afrazeh, Gobekeh, Golkiya” – Mabata/Maabatli sub-district.

– The assassinated “Sherhad Diane Oso”.

– The martyrs “Omar Hajj Hassan Omar, Mustafa Abdo Shaheen, Kamiran Manan Ali son Nabi, Akid Muhammad Sheikh Hassan, Muhammad Hanif Muslim.”

– Destruction of drug lab materials in the village of “Burj Abdalo” – Sherawa, 10/26/2021 AD.

– Opening of the two mosques, “Qorneh and Risha” – Bulbul, with the Turkish flag hoisted on them, October 22, 2021 AD.

Translated by Europe’s Organization of Democratic Unity Kurdish Party in Syria (Yekîti)