التقرير الاسبوعي ـ عفرين تحت الاحتلال ـ 168

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Afrin under occupation (168):

“Me´imila” village, the death of a woman after she was beaten, enforced disappearance and arbitrary arrests, the seizure of the olive crop, excavation of an archaeological hill, chaos and disorder, a mine explosion

Following in the footsteps of the systematic policy of looting the wealth of Afrin and depriving its people of their livelihood, where its main source is olive oil, the Turkish commercial intelligence team continues to limit its purchase to it at a low price (US$37 or less per a tin of /16/kg net, less than the popular price in the Syrian market at about $20), at a time when the occupation authorities are separating the region from the Syrian interior, besieging it and imposing its currency for daily and commercial circulation.

The following are a number of violations and crimes:

= the village of “Me´imila”:

It belongs to Raju district and is /17/km away from its center, and it consists of about 450 houses, and there were about two thousand indigenous Kurdish residents in it, all of them were displaced in the first days of the war on the area, and about /350 families = one thousand people/ returned from them, most of them of the elderly, and /20 families = 110 people/ from the recruiters have been resettled there.

The militia of the “Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh Division” took control of the village and stole most of the contents of the houses, including supplies, copper utensils, electrical power tools and equipment, gas cylinders, television screens, etc., savings of olive oil, dozens of livestock, agricultural tractors, cars and motorcycles, including two cars for “Hussein Aluko, Muhammad Othman Brimo, some of which were returned after paying royalties, as well as trans and cables from the public electricity network.

They deliberately burned the houses of “Ahmed Sabry Shawqi and Muhammad Faris Fares” with all their contents, and took the municipality building and the house of “Muhammad Maho Hanan” as military headquarters.

It seized about 1,500 olive trees from the properties of the forcibly displaced, including 300 trees for “Bakr Aluko”, and imposed a rate of 3-5 percent on the production of olive seasons and 50 percent on those belonging to the absentees, and it restricted the sale of olive oil empty tins with its representative and at a price higher than the market by a thousand Syrian pounds, and also restricted the purchase of sumac in its season with its representative and at a price less than the market by two thousand pounds, and this summer it punished the citizen “Mustafa Rashid Zinki” because he dared to buy a quantity of sumac and transport it outside the village, by beating and a fine.

It cut down most of the forest trees in the mountains surrounding the village (Shekat, Bana Peleng, Zinari Qalhaftari, Bana Sur, Richia Deza, Banna Hosh…), and the unjust cutting of 300 olive trees belonging to “Ahmed Rifaat Jaafar” in 2020 AD, A perennial coniferous tree was cut down in an olive field belonging to the family of the martyr “Abdul Hamid Zebar”, for the purpose of wood and trade.

The residents of the village were subjected to various types of violations, including kidnapping and arbitrary arrests accompanied by torture, insults, material extortion and others. Dozens were arrested on charges of having ties with the former Autonomous Administration, including the young man, “Duziyar Ahmed Kurdi / 25 years”, since early October 2019, who was transferred to Turkey on charges of “” Involvement in the kidnapping of 60 bodies – according to the announcement of the Turkish Ministry of Interior / Anadolu Agency 20/11/2019 AD – of the “Ain Daqneh” members of the “Free Army” in a “loader” truck, and roaming with it in the streets of Afrin in April 2016; This is a violation of Article 49/ of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which states, “The prohibition of individual or mass forcible transfer and deportation of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the occupying power…whatsoever is the cause,” whether against civilians or combatants, noting that Duziyar is a young civilian who did not serve in the security and military forces of the former Autonomous Administration.

In mid-April 2020, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly al-Nusra) in Idlib executed the 24-year-old “Batal Hassan Hassan” from the village, after the Turkish authorities arrested him in Hatay about seven months before that date and handed him over to al-Nusra at Bab al-Hawa crossing; The young man and his family had sought refuge in Turkey in 2012, after the deterioration of the situation in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo, their place of residence before the displacement.

= The death of a woman after being beaten:

On 10/13/2021 AD, the citizen Na`amat Bahjat Sheikho – born in the village of “Quppeh / Hamshalakeh” – Raju in 1988 AD – passed away in the “Ibn Sina” hospital in the city of Afrin, after her illness worsened, as a result of the beating and fear that inflicted on her at the headquarters of the militias “Military Police” near “Azadi” square in the center of Afrin, after she was brought from the doctor’s clinic whom she went to for treatment, and she was six months pregnant, after the arrest of her husband, “Khalil Naasan Musa”, from the village of “Dumilya” – Raju with two young other men from his village, and they are “Abdo Omar Abdo, Mustafa Nami Abdo” who were stopping in the street at the moment when a car bomb exploded /1/km to the west inside the city, on the afternoon of Monday 10/11/2021 AD, on the pretext that the latter used his mobile phone at that moment which raised around them Suspicions, so they were interrogated and tortured, and released on the same day after the woman’s condition worsened, and they took her to the hospital.

The family of the victim, her husband, and the other two young men are very concerned that one of them will be arrested and tortured again due to the spread of news of their arrest and the death of the woman because of it, although they refrained from making any statement or filing a complaint about that.

= Enforced disappearance and arbitrary arrests:

The citizen, “Arin Muhammed Dali Hassan, 25 years old, married for seven months and pregnant,” from the village of “Kimar” Sherawa, is still under enforced disappearance from the “police-political security” militias in Afrin, without communicating with her family or appointing a lawyer or Submitting her to trial – she was arbitrarily kidnapped/arrested by the “Hamza Division” militia on 9/12/2021 AD; It is noteworthy that “Arin” was previously kidnapped by the same militias in February 2020 and forcibly hidden in its headquarters (formerly Asayish building in Horsh al-Mahmoudiya) in the city of Afrin. 2020AD, and she was later released from Marateh prison on December 23, 2020.

The occupation authorities arrested:

– More than twenty days ago, the citizen “Mohammed Rashid Muhammad / 44 / years old” from the village of “Quppeh / Hamshalakeh” – Raju, without explaining the reason.

– On 7/10/2021 AD, the citizens, “Imad Juma’a son of Othman, Azad Othman son of Hussein”, “Yekbon Ali son of Anwar”, from the employees of the drinking water company in Afrin, and “Rasheed Dodakh son of Muhammad” from the Maydanki Dam employees, on charges of relationship with the administration, they were all released – except Yakboon Ali – after a few days and a fine was imposed on them.

– On October 17, 2021 AD, the citizen “Rasheed Hamo son of Hassan, 53 years old, from the village of Kumrasheh”, one of the company’s employees, was charged with the same charge, and he was released a day later and a fine was imposed on him.

– On 10/12/2021 AD, Almasa Khalil Haj Abdo, 27 years old, from the town of Kafar Safra – Jenderes, on the pretext that she was a teacher at the former Autonomous Administration, and is still under detention.

– On October 17, 2021 AD, after they were summoned to the Mabata District Center / Maabatli, the citizens “Mazkin Muhammad / 28 / years old”, Suzan Fadel / 33 / years old” from the village of “Brimjah” and “Lilaf Hamid Mustafa / 27 / years” from Residents of the village of “Mest Ashura”, on the pretext that they worked as teachers during the previous Autonomous Administration, and released them after a day of detention and the imposition of fines.

– On October 17, 2021 AD, a second batch of citizens of the village of “Mamala” – Raju, on charges of affiliation with the former Autonomous Administration, numbering nine, including “Rashid Rashid Zibar / 56 / years old, Ahmed Muhammad Khalil Zibar / 45 / years old, Salah Ahmed Ibrahim, 38, Sabri Muhammad Faris, 35, Ismat Hassan Aluko, 35, Hussain Muhammad Ibrahim, 67, and Qazqli Amin Faris, 45, were released after a day of detention in Raju and a fine was imposed, each of them has to pay 1200 Turkish liras, to be supplemented to two thousand Turkish liras when the ruling is issued.

= olive season:

Thefts and the imposition of royalties on the production of the olive season continue in the region, in the town of Mabata / Maabatli and the villages of “Husseh / Mirkan, Brimjah, Sheetka, Mest Ashura, Raja, Chomazena, Ali Jara, Ma`asarkeh, Khazyaniya, Sheketka, Termisha, Aranda, Mesteka”, as the season approaches, the Levantine Front militia seized all the olive groves belonging to the absentees, even those fields entrusted to a relative, and looted their production without leaving even a part of it to compensate the expenses of two years of agricultural services and supplies.

In the villages of “Marateh, Babliteh, Kafarshileh, Khalnereh, Gazeh, Gunde Mazn”, the Front imposed a 33% royalty on oil production from all absentees’ properties.

= Excavation of the hill of Burj Abdo:

Two weeks ago, the “Special Forces – Al-Sham Legion” militia, led by the so-called “Abdullah Halawa”, continued to excavate the archaeological hill “Burj Abdalo” with heavy machinery and under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence, in search of treasures and antiquities to steal it, the hill was bulldozed and excavated for the first time in the summer of 2019. 

It is reported that the same militias were running a drug lab in the village of “Burj Abdalo” – Sherawa, which was stormed by the “Military Police in Jenderes” on 3/10/2021 AD, the occupation authorities have not yet announced the results of their investigations, and who are responsible for the factory, and the methods and destinations of its product.

= Fire in a forest:

The “Civil Defense in Afrin” reported that its teams had put out on Saturday 10/16/2021 a fire that had erupted in a forest in the village of “Khazyan” – Mabata / Maabatli. Its area is estimated at /2/ hectares and the losses are about / 300 / trees; It is reported that the village is under the control of the Levant Front militia, and the gunmen deliberately cut down trees for firewood and trade, and sometimes set fires to forests to cover up the large plots or to cut down more trees on the pretext that they have become dry.

= chaos and disorder:

As a result of the indiscriminate carrying of weapons and its prevalence among those who were resettled in the Afrin region:

– On 10/16/2021 AD, following a quarrel between some of the recruiters in the town of Maydan Akbis-Raju and shooting, the young man “Fawaz Radwan Bakir” from Homs was killed.

– About ten days ago, following a quarrel between some of the recruiters in front of an automatic bakery in the city of Jenderes, the young man, “Zakaria Abdel Hamid Al-Baz” from the village of “Arjun – Al-Qusayr” – Homs countryside, was wounded with several stab and others were wounded, and he died of his severe wounds on October 20, 2021 AD in a Turkish hospital.

= Landmine Explosion:

On October 17, 2021 AD, as a result of a landmine explosion near the village of “Tal Susin” – al-Shahba area in the northern countryside of Aleppo from the remnants of armed militias, four minors from Afrin displaced were injured, they are “Diyar Muhammad Abdo / 15 years old, Sarhad Muhammad Tari” /14/ year old, Nabu Juma’a Arabo / 14 / year old, and Ishaq Ibrahim Tari / 13 / year old.

Turkey is waging a continuous economic war against the people of Afrin, in addition to its military and political war, in the form of state terrorism against an authentic ethnic component that lives on its historical land in a neighboring country and a member of the United Nations.


Media Office – Afrin

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)


– Invasion of Turkish mercenaries of militias to the village of “Me´imila” – Raju, February 2018.

– The detainee “Duzyar Ahmed Kurdi”.

– The martyr “Batal Hassan Hassan”.

– The deceased “Na`amat Bahgat Sheikho”.

– Forcibly hidden “Arin Muhammed Dali Hassan”.

– Excavation of the archaeological hill “Burj Abdalo” – Sherawa with heavy machinery, October 2021.

– A fire in a forest near the village of “Khazyanya” – Mabata/Maabatli, 10/16/2021 AD.

– One of the children injured as a result of a landmine explosion in the village of “Tal Susin” – Al-Shahba area in the northern countryside of Aleppo, October 17, 2021 AD.

Translated by Europe’s Organization of Democratic Unity Kurdish Party in Syria (Yekîti)