التقرير الاسبوعي ـ عفرين تحت الاحتلال ـ 166

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Afrin under occupation (166):

Maydanki town – wide demographic change, the killing of a citizen, the opening of a settlement village, a drug lab, the spread of Corona, arbitrary arrests 

The recent discovery and storming of a drug lab in the village of “Burj Abdalo” is new evidence of the extent of drug abuse and trafficking in Afrin region, since it was occupied in March 2018, and the Syrian-Brotherhood coalition and the Ankara and Syrian interim governments are still lying and claiming the existence of “stability, security and safety” in it.  

At the same time, violations and crimes against the remaining indigenous inhabitants continue, including:

= Maydanki “Meydankê” Town:

One of the famous Syrian tourist areas, it follows Shara / Sharran district and is 15 km away from its center, and it consists of about 460 houses, and there were about 2300 original Kurdish residents, all of whom were displaced during the aggression against it, and only /155 family = 465 people/ of them returned most of them are elderly and the rest were forcibly displaced, and about / 550 families = 3000 people / from the recruiters were resettled there.

During the war, the town was bombed several times, so /7/ houses belonging to the citizens “Abdul Rahman Sheikh Muhammad, Ibrahim Muhammad Issa, Muhammad Nuri Sheikh Othman, Abdo Sheikh Othman, Muhammad Hasso (the Qara family), Muhammad Hassan Hasso, Seydou Sido” were completely destroyed, and /5/ houses and two schools were partially damaged.

The town was taken over by the militias “Al-Mu’tasim Brigade/Sultan Murad Division, Men of War, Legion Al-Sham, Elite Army, Al-Hamzat Division”, and took from the houses of “Sami Kor Ahmed, Adam Sheikho, Nuri Alo, Hanan Amir, the “Villa” of Abu Lawrence Khan Sheikhouni and Rashid Daoud.” The municipality building and the former forest police station as military headquarters, some of which have been made places for interrogation and torture of abductees and detainees.

It seized about /300/ houses including their contents, and about /75/ shops with all its includes, and stole from the rest of the houses supplies, copper utensils, tools, electrical equipment, TV screens, gas cylinders, and others; It also seized the building of an olive press belonging to “Ibrahim Hajj Muhammad”, and about / 15,000 / olive trees from the property of the forcibly displaced, including (/900/) for “Hassan Muhammad Hassan Seydou and his brothers”, two thousand for “Hajj Mustafa Haj Othman and his four sons”, /400/ for “Hamid Arab and his Brothers”, /300/ for “Hanan Hanan”, /3/ thousand/ for “Hassan Seido Hajj Qadri and Sons”, /350/ for “Muhammad Ismail Kolk”, /500/ for “Mohieddin” Hajj Othman and his brothers”), and took over an entire olive press, a thousand olive trees and five hundred pomegranate trees in the town, belonging to “Luqman Hanan Abdo” from the people of the nearby village of “Kafaroumeh”.

Motorcycles, agricultural tractors and cars were stolen, including /4 tractors/ for Ali Alo, Muhammad Ibo, Anwar Sheikh Issa, Muhammad Sabri Sheikh Othman, a Volkswagen saloon for Sameh Haji Muhammad, all cables, trans and some poles of the public electricity network and the optical cable, the main landline phone line extending to the town, and the entire equipment of the town’s drinking water pumping station at the junction of the neighboring “Hassan Dera” village.

It seized the poultry farm belonging to the forcibly displaced “Mohammed Hanan Blue” after stealing its equipment, and the poultry farm belonging to the forcibly displaced “Othman Sheikh Othman” and made it a stable for a herd of sheep; And also it seized /4/ restaurants near the lake belonging to “Adnan Sheikh Othman, Abdo Bayram, Muhammad Rashid Sheikh Othman, Ahmed Sheikh Othman” and are currently operated, and on the “Mohammed Ali Sheikh Othman” restaurant and Mifano restaurant for “Abdul Hanan Sheikho” and turned them into houses for the recruiters after Stealing and damaging all of its contents.

The militia also stole the entire contents of /4/ restaurants in the mountain opposite the town (the lake restaurant for “Hanif Suleiman” from the residents of the village of Shekhorzeh-Sharra, Amanos restaurant for “Mohammed Mustafa Abu Kameran” and “Brotherhood” restaurant for “the late Ahmed Muhammad Abu Khulusi” both of whom are from Residents of the village of Darwish – Raju, Siwar restaurant for “the late Khalil Sheikh Othman” from the people of Maydanki), whose buildings were used as military headquarters after severe damage was inflicted on them.

Among the townspeople, there were civilian martyrs:

– Habiba Ibrahim Khalil Muhammad, 48 years old, as a result of the bombing of the town by the Turkish army on 01/03/2018.

– The couple “Muhammad Abdul Karim Amir – born 1962 AD and Malak Ibrahim Naasan – born 1983 AD” as a result of the bombing of their car (Mercedes taxi) at the entrance to the town by the Turkish army on 07/03/2018.

– “Adnan Rashid Amir, 59 years old”, at the dawn of October 4, 2019 AD, as a result of direct shooting in the head, in front of his house, by militia gunmen.

– “Ali Muhammad Ahmad, nicknamed (Aliki) / 74 / years old”, appeared on April 22, 2020, as a result of severe beatings by the so-called “Fahd Al-Mar’i” of the Bani Khalid clan. Coming from Homs countryside, as a result of the victim’s objection to the perpetrator for grazing his sheep in an olive field next to his house.

The remaining original residents of the village were subjected to various types of violations and crimes, including murder, kidnapping, arbitrary arrests, insults and material extortion, among them Hajj Ali Suleiman Alou – born in 1933 AD, who left his home on the morning of 17/7/2018 heading to his land without returning and his fate is still unknown. Dozens have been arrested on unfair charges; In addition to the imposition of royalties and financial ransoms, the theft of olive seasons, and the investment of the lake campus for the private benefit.

The militias cut down about 70% of the Maydanki forest trees of an area of ​​74 hectares, which were planted in 1980 AD, and set fire to the trees on the island of the dam lake and once on the mountain, and also it cut down perennial trees near the town, and all the trees of its shrine and its cemetery, in addition to the excessive cutting of thousands of olive trees, in addition to the complete cutting of 200 trees for the three brothers “Hosni, Salah and Nuri Haji Muhammad”, for the purpose of firewood and trade.

It excavated the “Dudira” hill, located /2/km west of the town and near the main road, with heavy machinery, and several sites between the olive fields located to the west towards the nearby village of “Shorba”, in search of antiquities and buried treasures to steal it.

During the war, the vicinity of the Maydanki Dam (April 17 Dam) was targeted, and some of its facilities (Al Rahba Halls dedicated to repairing the dam’s engines and service mechanisms, the fuel station with its contents, spare parts warehouses, the backup generating set and its fuel tanks and the electrical power board) were severely damaged and the windows of the tower were broken. After controlling it, the militias stole what was left in the main warehouses, transformers, electrical panels, main and subsidiary cables, measuring devices, monitoring equipment cables, sewage pumps, backup submersibles, electrical cables inside the injection and inspection tunnel, and about /8/ vehicles belonging to the Water Resources Company, with the destruction of the main control room and disabling the system of automatic opening and closing, in addition to the theft of the contents of the administration building and the central warehouse of the dam in the city of Afrin.

This, and there is a state of chaos between the militias, as they quarrel over spheres of influence and seize property and looted and sometimes fight among themselves inside and outside the town, which poses a threat and danger to the livelihood and lives of the original inhabitants, as the following citizens were injured “Ibrahim Jabr, Othman Jabr, Jamil Yazdan Jabr.” Various injuries and on different dates due to random shooting, and there are cases of bullying against the Kurds in their homes.

= Citizen suicide:

On 10/5/2021 AD, the Kurdish citizen “Muhammad Bilal (called “Rashid”), a father of three children in his forties, killed himself using a rifle belonging to the owner of a “Mobile phone shop” – of those whom were resettled in the area -, next to the “Chicken Nugget” restaurant, which he used to work at, on Raju Street in the center of Afrin city; Many testimonies confirmed that he was being blackmailed and harassed by the so-called “Abu Jaafar Mayer”, who hails from the town of Mayer – north of Aleppo and is a member of the “Syrian Front” militia and works in selling clothes on a stand next to the restaurant, on the pretext that his brother belongs to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.

Local Syrian opposition media reported that the military police released “Abu Jaafar Mayer” on October 8, 2021 AD after his master at the front called “Hassan Shobak” forced “Sabah Amoush” to submit her statement that her assassinated husband was mentally ill, and she wondered how a psychopath can work as a shawarma maker?!

= Opening of the settlement “Basma” village:

On Monday 4/10/2021 AD, the White Hands Association – Turkey, managed by the so-called “Ahmed Hayani”, opened the model settlement “Basma” village, the construction of which was launched in February 2021 AD, and it consists in its first phase of 8 housing units = 96 apartments, each apartment is 50 square / A mosque, a school, a health center and a complete infrastructure (drinking water, electricity, a road network and a sewage network), funded by the Kuwaiti “International Association for Growth and development (Tanmia)”, in which families of those who came to the region were resettled; On a plot of land belonging to the citizen “Ziad Habib” from the Yezidi-majority village of “Shadereh” – Sherawa, who was forced to sell it, on the site “Shadireh Valley – Takleka” – south of the village. On 30/8/2021 AD, the village of “Kuwait Al-Rahma” was opened near the village of “Khalta” – Sherawa in Mount Lilon, which was built by the “Sham Al-Khair Association – Turkey”.

This is in the context of a Turkish policy to consolidate a systematic demographic change, based mainly on the forced displacement of Kurds from the region and the settlement of Arabs and Turkmens from internal Syrian regions.

= Drug lab:

On the morning of Sunday 3/10/2021 AD, the militias of the “Military Police in Jenderes” raided a building in a farm south of the village of “Burj Abdalo” – Sherawa, and clashed with its armed guards from the “Special Forces – Al-Sham Legion” militia”, which resulted in injuring three agents two of the first, and one from the the second with varying degrees of injuries. 

The police took control of the site and arrested the gunmen, and confiscated the assets of the factory intended for the manufacture of narcotic pills and tons of raw materials; Where the so-called “Abdo Othman”, the leader of the Special Forces militia in the village and descended from the village of “Kafar Halab” – the western countryside of Aleppo, forced the citizen “Malik Sheikh Omar Kayali” to forcibly migrate two years ago and seized his farm, which consisted of an apartment building and /5/ha Agricultural land, with the knowledge of his master “Abdullah Halawa,” who hails from the city of Khan Sheikhoun – Idlib.

It is reported that Abdo Othman cut off three roads leading to the farm site with earth mounds about two months ago, in order to prevent anyone from approaching it.

This, and there is a strong silence on the part of the occupation authorities on the issue – the scandal, and the so-called “Syrian National Army” denies the involvement of its militias in the drug industry and trafficking; The “Burj Abdalo” is currently controlled by the police forces.

= Corona epidemic:

About a month and a half ago, the Corona epidemic spread in the Afrin region in a frightening manner, as the infection rate is more than 70% and among young people and children as well, amid a state of chaos in the social situation and in taking preventive measures and remedial measures, which are mostly taken on self-reliance by the infected and doctors, in the absence of an integrated public health program, the absence of the ban and the scarcity of medical supplies to detect the disease, weddings, mourning councils, popular markets, gatherings, hospital visits, and others continue, and schools have not been closed completely, social distancing measures are not imposed and the use of masks is not imposed, and vaccinations are not carried out on a large scale. There is an overcrowding in medical centers and clinics with patients, in conjunction with high rates of infection and death.

There is a general weakness in the size and efficiency of cadres and medical capabilities, and there are no quarantine centers, only two private hospitals with a limited number of rooms at exorbitant prices, and two public hospitals, with low absorptive capacities, that receive people with corona who are terrified of resorting to it except in cases of extreme necessity, due to the large number of deaths in it.

It must not be forgotten, ignorance, backwardness and indifference regarding the epidemic in the public awareness, which needs a lot of knowledge and raising the level of awareness, instead of the extremist religious movement active in the region, for which programs and huge financial resources are prepared, and in which dozens of institutions and associations linked to the International Brotherhood Muslims networks, and the Justice and Development Party – Turkey participates, and it does not care about combating the epidemic. rather, most imams of mosques insist on washing the bodies of the deceased with the virus, opening mourning councils, delivering sermons and raising supplications to the masses of mourners.

Turkey, as a de facto authority, is not performing its duties well in combating the epidemic in Afrin, as it dealt with it in nearby Turkish cities, “Qarah Khan and Kilis…”!

= Arbitrary arrests:

– On 9/25/2021 AD, the military police militia in Azaz arrested the citizen “Muhammad Salim Hussein /60/ years old” from the village of “Dirsawan” – Shara / Sharran, which is controlled by the “Sultan Murad Division”, because he submitted a complaint against an armed man who seized control of the city. his house and refuses to evict him, when he was asked to do so since he returned to his village seven months ago from the “Al-Shahba” area – north of Aleppo, on the grounds that his family is not with him.

Also, on 2/10/2021 AD, she was arrested from the same village, the citizen “Aisha Mahmoud Naasan /50/ years old”, who returned to her six months ago from the “Al-Shahba” area – north of Aleppo in order to take care of her elderly, sick mother, on the pretext that her children have a relationship with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.

– On 9/30/2021 AD, the Military Police in Jenderes arrested the elderly Soraya Muhammad Barakat, 65, from her home in the city, on charges of having ties to the former Autonomous Administration, as well as the citizen “Adnan Arabo, 70,” and their fate is still unknown.

= sporadic violations:

– On the evening of Thursday 7/10/2021, two militiamen from the militia beat the citizen “Hurik Daoud” while he was in his olive field in Mount Bilal overlooking his village “Zarka” – Raju, and stole a hunting gun and a Mobile phone from him.

Through what we have presented above, it is clear that Turkey, as the occupying power and the holder of extensive effective control over Afrin region, does not assume its responsibilities and does not perform its duties in ensuring order and public safety, and does not take measures to protect the life and property of civilians, and therefore the international community and UN bodies must urge it to End its occupation and stop its sponsorship of mercenaries and terrorists in Syria.


Media Office – Afrin

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)


– A house and shops were targeted in the town of Maydanki, 2/3/2021.

– The elderly “Ali Suleiman Alo”.

– The martyrs and the assassinated “Habiba Ibrahim Khalil Muhammad, Muhammad Abdul Karim Amir, Malak Ibrahim Naasan, Adnan Rashid Amir, Ali Muhammad Ahmad” – from the people of Maidanki.

– Lake Maydanki mountain forest before and after cutting.

– Maydanki Dam Lake Island.

– Cutting down trees of the Maydanki shrine and cemetery, January 2019.

– The late “Mohamed Bilal”.

– Inauguration of the model settlement “Basma” village.

– A circulating picture of a drug lab that was discovered and stormed in the village of “Burj Abdalo”-Shirwa, on 4/10/2021 AD.

– The so-called “Abdullah Halawa and Abd Othman”, the owners of the drug lab in “Burj Abd Ello”.

– Location (farm) of the drug lab in “Burj Abdalo”, Google Earth.

Translated by Europe’s Organization of Democratic Unity Kurdish Party in Syria (Yekîti)