التقرير الاسبوعي ـ عفرين تحت الاحتلال 157

مترجم إلى اللغة الانكليزية 

Afrin under occupation (157):

The occupied villages of Altania and Shekhotka, arbitrary arrests, cancellation of agencies and seizure of property, forest fires, sporadic violations

Despite the publication of thousands of documented facts and reports about violations and crimes committed on a large scale in the occupied region of Afrin, which reveal and expose the systematic hostile policies pursued by Turkey and the Syrian-Brotherhood Coalition against the presence and role of the Kurds, in addition to the strong criticism and accusations leveled at the Turkish regime by organizations and bodies Concerned and interested, parliamentary circles, some governments, presidents, and world public opinion, Ankara is still continuing to implement its hateful agendas through its various tools.

Here is part of what confirms that:

= Altania “Eltaniya” village:

It belongs to Raju district and is /6/km away from its center to the north. 

It consisted of /80/ houses, and there were about /350/ original Kurdish inhabitants, only /10 families = 35 people/ returned to it after six months of displacement and the rest were forcibly displaced, and about /80 families = 450 people/ from the countryside of Homs and Aleppo were resettled there.

During the attack on the village, /3/ houses were partially destroyed, and the child “Khalil Hussein Bakr, 10 years,” and the young man, “Jalal Saleh,” a father of two children, were martyred on February 15, 2018 as a result of the bombing. 

The “Al-Sham Legion” militias use the houses of “Walid Tobal, Amir -the barber- ” as military headquarters.

When some people were allowed to return after six months of occupation, they found their village completely looted by militias and recruits, from looting houses, one of which contained a rich library, the theft of /2/ car belonging to the “Saleh family” and a car of “Ahmed Hassan Saleh” and /10 Motorcycles/, a number of agricultural machinery (tractor plow, Trailer, moldboard…), cables and equipment for three electric generating sets (amperes), internet equipment for “Rasheed Haider Saleh”, and all cables and poles of the public electricity network.

The militias also seized more than / 15 / thousand fruitful trees (olive, cherry, walnut, almond…), including two thousand olive trees for the brothers “Mohammed, Nouri and Khalil Othman Saleh” and one thousand five hundred olive trees for “Muhammad Ali Tobal”.

All the pine trees at the entrance to the village and other forest trees – some of them perennial – were cut down in the mountains surrounding the village in order to make wood and charcoal,

/200/ olive trees were uprooted on a hill east of the village belonging to “Hassan Saleh from the neighboring village of “Jala”, and “Muhammad Rashak Hajji” from “Altania”, to make the site a landing site for helicopters.

In addition to the overgrazing of livestock among the agricultural fields.

The occupation authorities arrested the citizen, “Masoud Saleh, 33,” and the two young brothers, “Haitham and Bashar Ramadan Tobal,” from the villagers, in April 2018, and transferred them to the Turkish city of Kilis, to sentence each of them to six years and three months in prison, on charges of having relations with the administration. previous self.

The bodies of /5/ martyrs of the Kurdish fighters and civilians were dumped in a location overlooking the village – near the junction of the neighboring village of “Jaanekeh” and were exposed for more than five months, without the people daring to bury them.

= Shekhotka “Şêxûtka” village:

It belongs to the district of Mabata / Maabatli and is 13 km away from its center. 

It consists of / 180 / houses, and there were about /1300 / original Kurdish inhabitants, all of whom were displaced during the war, and only /115 families = 500 people / returned from them, and the rest were forcibly displaced, and .60 families = 300 people/ of the recruiters have been resettled there.

The Elite Army militia controls the village and uses the houses of the displaced citizens, “Muhammad Mustafa Abdullah, Abdul Rahman Hamid”, as its military headquarters.

Before the people returned to the village, /35 houses/ were robbed of their furniture by the militia, and most of the copper utensils, supplies and solar energy equipment were stolen from the rest, as well as the contents of the village mosque’s copper pots, electric power panels and its own electric generating set, as well as agricultural tractors and cars of the villagers, including a “Forsen tractor”, a van (H1) and a Hyundai pickup for the children of Bakr Bakhouru, and a van for “Sabri Hanan”, the public electricity grid trans and the high-voltage cables feeding the village, and the landline telephone cable feeding the village between the “Mabata and Shekhotka” junctions.

The “Elite Army” militia seized about /5/ thousand olive trees and /10 hectares/ of agricultural land belonging to the forcibly displaced villagers, including those belonging to “Safar Majeed Bakhouru and his brothers”, and “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” militia seized a house and a fuel station belonging to the forcibly displaced “Haider Bakr Bakhro”, and the two locations at the village junction – Raju Road. 

Also, Haidar’s complete olive-pressing machines that were outside the village were stolen.

Olive trees were unjustly cut down for some residents for the purpose of logging, and there is overgrazing of livestock belonging to the militants and those recruited between the agricultural fields. 

The militia also imposes royalties ranging from /10%-15%/ on olive seasons, in addition to /150/ SP on Each olive tree, and sometimes one can of oil per family.

The villagers were subjected to various types of violations, including kidnapping, arbitrary arrest, insults, material extortion, theft of agricultural production, raiding some homes, and forcing them to go to mosques and attend religious seminars at times.

= Arbitrary arrests:

The occupation authorities arrested:

– On 7/29/2021 AD, the citizen “Hanif Primo” from his home in the village of “Kura” – Raju, without knowing the party that arrested him or the charge against him, and his fate is still unknown, knowing that he is a member of the local council formed by the occupation and the official of a chamber agriculture in it.

– On 7/26/2021 AD, the minor “Mirvan Muhammad Ali Sheikho / 14 years old” from the village of “Haj Khalil” – Raju, was arrested by the Raju Police and Turkish intelligence, on charges of setting fire to some houses in the village in June 2018, that is, when he was a child, aged ten and a half years, who was released on 4/8/2021 AD. 

As well as the young man “Dogan Mamo Bilal” from the same village, accused of photographing those houses and the fire that engulfed them, and he is still in detention.

= sporadic violations:

– On Friday 30/7/2021 AD, the water station of the village of “Quta” – Bulbul was robbed of its cables, batteries and other equipment, one day after it preparation, as the militias of the “Sultan Murad Division” had seized the station and stole parts of it earlier, in addition, the water station of the village of “Kela” – Bulbul was disrupted several times due to thefts, and it is now suspended.

Similar to the militias of the “Sultan Murad Division”, the militias of the “Sultan Suleiman Shah Division” and its leader, Muhammad Al-Jassem, recently announced to the people in the town of Shiye/Sheikh Al-Hadid, that they are in the process of forming a committee to seize and invest the entire property of the absentees and cancel the agencies, after speaking sweetly about their return, without providing any guarantees or take measures to ensure a safe return by the occupation authorities.

– In the context of seizing the property of the absent people of Afrin, a local media source published a copy of a document issued by the “Police Forces and Public Security in Afrin” and addressed to the “Public Prosecution of Afrin” to stop the work of public agencies in the name of three citizens, “Ali Issa son of Mustafa, born in Juqeh 1970.” , Nayrouz al-Kadro daughter of Ahmed, born in Afrin 1976, Suleiman Shaabo son of Muhammad Ali, born in Maabtali 1962, from the absent residents of Afrin, in preparation for the militias’ seizure of their property.

– On 6/8/2021 AD, the “Civil Defense in Afrin” reported that its teams put out four fires that were set in forests near the villages of Kafar Janneh and Qastal and in the areas of Raju and Maabatli, and there were losses in the trees.

= On Wednesday morning, 4/8/2021 AD, an armed force of the “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham – Al-Nusra” militia attacked a site near the armed checkpoint of the village of Al-Ghazawiya of the “Al-Sham Legion” militia – Afrin crossing with the town of Darat Izza – and seized two fuel stations and dismantled their pumps, due to the conflict on the fuel trade, although relations between the two parties are controlled under the supervision of Turkish intelligence.

It is of utmost importance that everyone joins efforts to document the violations and crimes committed under the Turkish occupation, as concealing them does not benefit the victims, but rather makes the criminals go further. 

We call on those who have information or news to cooperate on the path to ending the existence of the occupation and its mercenaries.


Media Office – Afrin

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)


– The village of “Altania” – Raju.

– The village of “Shekhotka” – Mabata / Maabatli.

– A fire in one of the Afrin forests, 6/8/2021 AD.

Translated by Europe’s Organization of Democratic Unity Kurdish Party in Syria (Yekîti)