التقرير الاسبوعي ـ عفرين تحت الاحتلال 133

مترجم إلى اللغة الانكليزية 

Afrin under occupation (133):

An elderly Kurdish man dies under torture, “Qibar” village, under abuse and settlement. An academic is sentenced to three years in prison.

Thousands of reports – from the independent United Nations as well – revealed various violations and crimes against Afrin region and its people by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries – the Syrian Brotherhood coalition militia – and began to bear fruit. Therefore, a delegation of them rushed to visit Kurdistan Region under the guidance of their operator – Turkish Intelligence – and through the Kurdish National Council to polish its face and try to cover up these crimes or regard them as individual acts and legitimize the occupation at the very least, as if makeup could hide these ugly faces and sick souls.
Here are some of the violations and crimes that we have documented that refute the allegations of the promoters who say: “Afrin is liberated and lives in safety and stability.”
= The martyrdom of an elderly person under torture:
On 3/3/2021 AD the citizen “Sheikmos Qasim son of Mustafa /73/ years old – Şêxmûsê Mistî Mêremê” from the village of Kosa – Raju, who lives alone -his family members displaced to Aleppo- was arrested in the neighboring town of “Maydan Akbas” with two others “Saeed Muhammad Qanbar” and “Muhammad Khalil Haj Sheikho” from the town, in cooperation between the“ Sham Legion ”militia and the“ Military Police ”in Raju district center and the Turkish intelligence, on charges of participating in the night watch of the former Autonomous Administration, and they were taken to the police station; Today morning 3/6/2021 AD, one of his relatives in the village was notified to appear at Afrin Hospital in order to receive his body, as he lost his life under torture, this is certain because the police and “Sham Legion” accompanied the funeral directly to the cemetery and buried it with their hands without allowing anyone to see and wash the body or hold a funeral from his home. Qanbar and Haji Sheikho are still in police custody in Raju.
It is noteworthy that the “commander of the military police” in Raju is “Jarrah Al-Kamari”, who comes from the countryside of Deir Ezzor and is one of the leaders of the “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” militia, who was promoted last January to the rank of “brigadier general” by the Coalition Provisional Government.
The so-called “Ayham Al-Qaba”, head of the Civil Police in Raju, killed the citizen “Muhammad Hanif Hussain, 30 years old,” from the village of Belilko under torture on 9/9/2019, and the occupation courts acquitted him, in addition to his promotion from the rank of captain to the rank of major later.
= Qibar village:
It is located northeast of Afrin city, about 3 km away from it, it consists of about 300 houses and more than half of its residents were Yazidis. About 190 families remained in it – most of their members are elderly, while / 90 / families from recipients has been resettled there. and there are / 10 / tents for the recruits in the west of the village within the properties of their people.
During the occupation of the village in mid-March 2018 CE, the militias of Liwa al-Mu’tasim and Legion al-Rahman stole the contents of most of the houses, including supplies, tools, photoelectric equipment, copper utensils, / 10 / agricultural tractors, / 5 / Pickups, / 10 / motorcycles, cables, and telephone network Terrestrial, and captured the following:
– / 110 / Houses of citizens forcibly displaced, and all their contents were stolen, including the houses of the citizens, “Hammoud Al-Musa, Muhammad Al-Musa” from the Arab component, which became the headquarters of “Liwa Al-Mu’tasim”, and the house of the citizen, “Battal Ghazal,” the headquarters of the “Legion of Rahman”, and the house of the citizen ” Abd al-Rahman Mamo “ the house to the leader of the legion called “ Abdel Nasser Shamir ”, who comes from Eastern Ghouta, and four other houses near the village junction.
– An olive press belonging to the citizen, “Abd al-Rahman Mamo.”
– / 700 / An olive tree belonging to the late “Hamid Manan” despite the presence of two of his children in the village, under the pretext that its fields are close to the headquarters of “Legion of Mercy”.
– The municipality building as the headquarters of “Legion of Rahman”.
– About 30 hectares of agricultural land, where the militia of the “Mu’tasim Brigade” rent out one hectare per season for / 200 / dollars, of which / 15 / hectares are for the citizen “Abd al-Rahman Mamo,” who other militias seize two thousand olive trees from his property outside the village. He forcibly died on 1/29/2021 in the city of Aleppo.
– The fuel station of the citizen “Sabri Hassou” and its exploitation by the militias, and the theft of all the equipment and stocks of the Berin and soap factories belonging to him, as the three facilities are located within the borders of the village.
– Half of the production of / 5 / thousand olive trees belonging to the forcibly displaced citizens, which are entrusted to their representatives in the village.
– Quarry sites in the village mountain, and the opening of / 20 / a workshop for quarrying stones, by the militia of the Legion and al-Mu’tasim.
– A camp next to the village is occupied by the “Rahman Legion” militia, in which it holds training for its members.
The village suffers from high bills for drinking water and the abundance of garbage and household waste in the streets due to the delay in transporting it and the negligence of the recruits, and the indigenous people do not send their children to the only existing school because it is neglected, and education is weak.
The militias had stolen the property of the village mosque, which was later expanded and restored, and bulldozed and excavated the ancient “Tell Qibar” – west of the village, for a period of six months, and stole buried treasures from it.
The people of the village were subjected to various types of violations and crimes, including arrests, killings, thefts, and the imposition of financial ransom payments, under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence, as the elderly citizen, Omar Mamu Shamo, was killed in cold blood in late March 2018 and others in various incidents, and the two citizens, Seydou Bashar Amreko and Hanan Ali were arrested and forcibly disappeared for three years ago and their fate is still unknown, and the citizen“ Abdo Shawqi Bako ”was arrested more than four months ago while he was in Maratah prison.
The militias treat Yazidis with contempt and consider them “infidels”, so they cannot practice their religious beliefs and revive their rituals, not to mention the vandalism and exhumation of the remains of their existing graves (Sheikh Hussein, Malik Adi, Chil Khanah) located in the southeast of the village, in addition to vandalizing gravestones and the graves of the village.
= Arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances:
– In another confirmation of the existence of secret prisons under the supervision of Turkish intelligence, and the forced disappearance of hundreds of Afrin’s sons, the occupation authorities released from Maratah prison on 1-2 / 3 / 2021AD from the citizens:
1 – “Muhammad Shehadeh son of Ahmed”, from the Arab component of the village of Tal Sallour – Jenderes, who has been detained and hidden since March 2018.
2 – “Abd al-Manan Manla Muhammad son Taher / 64 / years old,” from the village of “Joqe”, who has been detained and hidden since September 2018.
3- “Lawand Muhammad Sheikho / 21 / years” from the village of Darkire, who has been detained and disappeared since September 2018.
– On Monday 3/1/2021 AD, the occupation authorities sentenced the academic Dr. Muhammad Fahmi Abdo son of Nabi / 63 / from the village of “Kharabe Sharran”, who was arrested in Maratah prison and has been detained since 4/7/2020 AD, to three years imprisonment and a fine on the charge of “spreading racist spirit and stirring up sectarian strife,” exactly like the provisions of the former “State Security Judiciary” in Damascus against Kurdish activists and politicians, noting that the “Attorney General in Afrin” had decided to release him on 6/17/2020, but without being implemented, under the directives of Turkish intelligence, while continuing to imprison him and fabricating false charges against him.
= Other violations:
– On 2/3/2021, local media reported that the “Levantine Front” militia stormed a house near the Villas Street in Afrin, where a family of recruited people resides, and one person was killed and his wife and child were injured, as the news contradicted that he belonged to ISIS or a civilian who resisted during a raid on his home.
– On the evening of Wednesday 3/4/2021 AD, the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries bombed with dozens of shells the villages of Beneh, Kashtaar and Shawargha, and on Friday evening 3/6/2021 AD, the town of Tal Rifaat and the outskirts of the village of Meneg north of Aleppo nhabited by the displaced from Afrin with several shells.
– Recently, the elderly citizen “Ali Hasso / 70 / years” from the village of Kafar Zit was severely beaten, because of his objecting to the illegal grazing of a herd of cattle belonging to the recruited people within his agricultural land, in addition to taking him to a militia military headquarters and insulting him as well.
– In the context of seeking to impose more sovereign activities for Turkey, bread and other items are sold in Afrin exclusively in Turkish lira, as well as the payment of utility bills.
The hospitality with which the coalition delegation headed by Nasr Hariri was received in Iraqi Kurdistan was the object of disapproval of most of the Kurds of Syria, because they are aware of the identification and participation of the coalition and its “National Army” militia with Ankara’s hostile policies and practices against their presence and role in Syria.
And as the murder of the elderly citizen Sheikhmous Qassem came as the end gift of that visit, it increased the “anxiety” of the delegation’s hosts and disturb their moods.
6/3/2021 AD

Media Office – Afrin
The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)
– The elderly martyr, “Shekhmous Qasim.”
– Leader of the “Military Police” branch in Raju called “Brigadier Jarrah Al-Kamari.”
– The headquarters of the “Rahman Legion” militia at the Qibar camp site.
– Leader of “Legion of Rahman” called “Abdel Nasser Shamir”.
– The late “Abd al-Rahman Mamo,” from the people of “Qibar”, who died oppressively.
– “Qibar” cemetery, the tombstones and mausoleums of the dead were broken.
– Engineer Mohamed Fahmy Abdo.

Translated by Europe’s Organization of Democratic Unity Kurdish Party in Syria (Yekîti)