التقرير الاسبوعي ـ عفرين تحت الاحتلال ـ 128

مترجم إلى اللغة الانكليزية 

Afrin under occupation (128):

The Forcibly deserted village of “Qastal Jundu”, the notorious “Al-Ra’i “prison, arbitrary arrests, kidnapping of a girl.

The Syrian-Brotherhood “opposition” coalition continues to practice hypocrisy and deception on the prevailing conditions in the Afrin region, and the false promises that its officials – including some Kurds – sometimes make about seeking to improve conditions and repay grievances are nothing but a smoke screen for their supporters and to polish the image of the occupation and its mercenaries.

And what we will present below are live witnesses and facts about the violations and crimes committed, which expose the hostile policies of Ankara and the coalition towards the region:

= The village of “Qastal Jundo” forcibly deserted, with the Yazidi majority and belonging to the area of ​​Sharrah, was famous for two contradictory connotations. The first is that it is of honor and pride, as it has been in the first line of defense for Afrin since 2012, due to its geographical location – on the borders of the Azaz region and its mountain “Parsa Khatun” as a fortress of the resistance is a witness to the heroism of the fighters of the People’s Protection Units and Women in the face of the enemy forces who used all the weapons to topple him. The second indication was the disgraceful visit of the head and some leaders of the Syrian-Brotherhood coalition and his interim government to the village accompanied by the Turkish tank on 2/17/2018 AD, and their blessing for the occupation the village and the conquest of Afrin.

The village consists of about 280 houses, in which only 30 families remain due to forced displacement, equivalent to 60 inhabitants of its original inhabitants, most of whom are elderly, while about 300 families have been settled, equivalent to 1500 persons who were recruited there. 

During its invasion in February 2018 AD, about / 10 / homes were partially destroyed and an olive press belonging to the citizen Hamid Mustafa was destroyed. 

The contents of the houses were stolen, including furniture, supplies, olive oil, household electrical energy equipment, copper utensils, as well as the machines of the “Abu Shawqi and Hamid Youssef Hassou” presses /40/ electric generating sets and agricultural submersibles and /50/ agricultural tractors and /15/ cars, and the “Alshamiya Front” militia and its leader in the village called “Walid Azizi” seized an olive press belonging to the citizen “Nuri Khan Junaid” and about /40/ thousand olive trees and /10/ thousand fruit trees belonging to the people of the village. 

The Yazidi Parsa Khatun shrine was vandalized, most of the forest trees in its mountain and in a hill west of the village were cut down, and the Yazidi Sheikh Hamid shrine /2/ km south of the village on the road to the village of Qatma was vandalized and exhumed, and his grave was destroyed, and three perennial mulberry trees were cut in it, And well the forests on site, except for the uprooting of many olive and fruit trees. 

And just for more spite to the people of the village an old presser building was converted into a mosque, and the remaining original inhabitants dare not to practice their religious beliefs.

= The notorious “Shepherd” prison

Since early fall 2018, we have repeatedly emphasized the existence of secret prisons belong to the Syrian terrorist militias affiliated with the Syrian-Brotherhood Coalition and under the supervision of Turkish intelligence, and there are more than / 1100 / forcibly disappeared detainees from Afrin (an estimated number based on some information, which is variable, as it is difficult to count Accurately), including women and minors, and many media, human rights and civil platforms have also published reports on this without the issue being given the attention of the international forces concerned with the Syrian crisis, nor a comprehensive investigation by the independent international investigation committee. 

The transfer of some of the detainees since the second half of 2020 AD to Maratah Prison – Afrin due to their poor health conditions and their subsequent release confirm that there are cells in the basement of the “Al-Ra’i Town” prison – Al-Bab area , in which hundreds of detained Afrinians children are hidden; Among the released from the detainees of that notorious prison, on 12/21/2020 AD, five residents of the village of “Darkir” – Mabta / Maabatli, and they are “the spouses Aziz Haji Mustafa son of Manan and Roshin Amouni daughter of Muhammad Amin, Muhammad Haji Mustafa son of Manan. And his sons, Diyar and Shiar, who were arrested two and a half years ago, and more than ten citizens of the village were still arrested and forcibly disappeared, including the two brothers, Muhammad Amin and Lawand, the sons of Aziz and Roshin, who were released; Likewise, the citizen “Rukan Mulla Muhammad” from the village of “Joqe” was released at the beginning of the month of 12/2020; Citizen “Joan Youssef son of Muhammad Noor” was released on 1/25/2021 AD, while “Khalil Hassan son of Hassan, Muhammad Tatar son of Zakaria, Mustafa Baabou son of Abdul Rahman, Nidal Hanan son of Nazmi and Muhammad Izzat Othman remained in Maratah prison” And the others “Ibash Habash son of Ibrahim Khalil, and Walat Tash son of Hassan” were held in Al-Ra’i prison, where the eight residents of the village of “Araba”- Mabta/Ma’abati were arrested between March and April 2018.

Some of the women who appeared in the prison belonging to the “Hamza Brigade” militia were released, and other detainees were forcibly disappeared two years ago, and we have previously documented this, as not all of those released dare to talk about them. The harsh conditions, forms of exposure and treatment they were exposed to, while they were isolated from the outside world, and were still suffering from illness and psychological symptoms.

There are reports about the prison of the Military Police branch in Afrin, where the conditions of prisoners are deplorable, including harsh treatment, torture, overcrowding and poor food, some of whom remain detained for long periods under the pretext of investigation.

= Arbitrary arrests

– After he filed a complaint with the so-called “Committee for the Reduction of Grievances”, seeking to recover some of his looted property (a gas station in the village of Amara-Ketekh, which the Ahrar Al-Sharqiya militia made its headquarters, a taxi and another “regular” van, complete olive press machines) By the militias during the occupation of the area, the Civil Police and the Turkish Intelligence Agency arrested in the Ma’abatli district the citizen “Haydar Seydou son of Bakr / 57 / years” from the village of “Sheikh khutka” on Monday 25/1/2021 AD, and his fate remains unknown, and his son, “Adnan”, was arrested about two years ago and released in exchange for a large ransom, we mention here that the village consists of about / 250 / houses, of which only about / 40 / families have returned to it, and about / 100 / families of recruited people have been resettled in it, and the village is controlled by the “Elite Army” militia, which transformed the house of the displaced citizen. “Abd al-Rahman Sheikh Hamid” to a prison and its headquarters, its leaders have flocks of sheep being grazing between olive fields, even if this means damage to agricultural property, as those who object to overgrazing are beaten and humiliated, also the Militias have seized about / 5 / thousand olive trees and / 10 / hectares of agricultural land, except for the stolen homes and the theft of a van. Of the citizen, “Sabri Hanan”.

– The citizen “Muhammad Safar Rasho / 36 / years old,” nicknamed “Awil”, the only son of his parents and father of five, from the village of Hassan Deira – Bulbul, whose fate is unknown, has been arrested at one of the Azaz armed checkpoints (likely affiliated with the Ahrar al-Sharqiya militia) since early December 2020, on charges of the relationship with the previous Autonomous Administration, while driving an agricultural tractor, and his family is very afraid for his life, especially that they are unable to pay bribes or ransoms through intermediaries to release him, due to the deterioration of their financial conditions.

– Under the pretext of burning two cars belonging to it at night in the town of Kakhera – Mabta / Maabatli on Wednesday morning 01/27/2021 AD, the militia of the “Sultan Suleiman Shah Division – Al-Amshat” cordoned off and besieged the town and deployed their elements in it intensively, raiding homes, terrorizing civilians and arresting /16/ citizen in a qualitative manner and arbitrarily, and they are: “Samir Mustafa son of Faiq, Abd al-Rahman Mustafa son of Faiq, Fahmi Abbou son of Ali, Walat Abbou son of Ali, Rifai Esau son of Esau, Renas Hassu son of Muhammad, Nazmi Hamarshu son of Muhammad, Muhammad Muhammad son of Fawzi, Rizkar Muhammad son of Muhammad, Aref Jabu son of Riyad, Muhammad Naasu son of Nazmi, Hamid Ahmed Khalil Jano, Shiar Abu son of Jamil, Nazmi Naasu son of Faiq, Mustafa Mustafa son of Faiq, “The last two were released after hours and the rest late of the day, after they were transferred to the Shih / Sheikh al-Hadid district center, and they were subjected to severe torture, which made some of them bedridden, the town is still under siege and the horror of the event. Moreover, under threat of punishment, Al-Amshat recommends that the people of Kakhera deny these violations that they were subjected to before any party that may visit the town.

= The martyrdom of two citizens

– On Monday 1/27/2021 AD, while grazing sheep in the Tamoura site – north of Aleppo, the displaced minor young man, Muhammad Ezz Al-Din Hussein / 14 / year, from the village of Basila – Shirawa , was exposed to a landmine explosion, and he was seriously injured which led to his death in The hospital, where his family resides in the town of Tal Rifaat.

– On Sunday 1/24/2021 AD, the citizen “Saad al-Din al-Ass / 30 / years” from the residents of Tal Rifaat – north of Aleppo, was succumbed to his wounds, bringing the number of victims of the Turkish bombing of the town to four on the afternoon of Saturday 23/1/2021. (Two children, a woman, and a man).

= Kidnapping a girl

On the night of January 23/24, 2021 AD, a masked armed group stormed the house of citizen “Hussein Hanan” in the northern neighborhood of the city of Jenderes, which is controlled by the “Ahrar Al-Sharqiya” militia, and kidnapped his daughter, “Khaleda / 30 / years”, with special needs, so her fate remained unknown until noon on Wednesday 27/1/2021 AD, when she was released; also, her family from the village of Yalanguz, near Jenderes, had been forced to move to the city under the pressure of previous harassment.

= Spreading the new Ottoman culture

In continuation of spreading the new Ottoman-Brotherhood culture, and in extending its sovereign control over its areas of influence and occupation – northern Syria, Turkey inaugurated on Wednesday 1/27/2021 in Afrin a headquarters named “Anatolia Cultural Center in Afrin” that includes “a library, a lecture hall and training rooms”, like the center that was opened in the city of Azaz in early May 2020.

= Car bomb

In confirmation of the chaos prevailing in the Afrin region, a car bomb was detonated this afternoon at the end of Judy Bakery Street in the Industrial Zone, opposite the southeast corner of Afrin Market, among civilians and car repair shops, which resulted in /6/ deaths and / 30 / injuries – according to local media, including children. This also led to material damage and broken windows for cars and homes in the vicinity of the site.

The coalition, with its officials and components, bears responsibility for the violations and crimes committed in Afrin region and the rights of its people, in addition to the systematic demographic change applied there, as long as it forms the political cover for the so-called “Syrian National Army” which is formed from various militias affiliated with it, and as long as it is a supporter and partner of the Turkish occupation In the region, at the expense of the sovereignty and interests of our country and our Syrian people in general, and against the presence of the Kurds and their role, as a basic national component in Syria.

01/28/2021 AD

Media Office – Afrin

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)

Translated by Europe’s Organization of Democratic Unity Kurdish Party in Syria (Yekîti)