التقرير الاسبوعي ـ عفرين تحت الاحتلال ـ 122

مترجم إلى اللغة الانكليزية 

 Afrin Under Occupation (122):

An Atmosphere of Terror and Arbitrary Arrests, Afrin’s Oil is stolen and Sold in Turkey and Abroad, ” Syros ”  an Ottoman shrine, persecution of a Yezidi “Fakir” 


The Turkish army punished one of its soldier because he sang a song in Kurdish in a video tape. Similar to this pattern of hatred and aversion, Erdogan’s government is devising its plans against the Kurds in general, in an attempt to obliterate their identity and erase their presence. With that in mind, it is using the Syrian militias as a cat’s paw in committing crimes against the Kurds in Syria with the aim of changing their demographic reality.  Therefore, all efforts are being made to displace those who have remained as indigenous people of Afrin.

Below is a list of violations and crimes:

Kidnapping and Arrests

– Since Friday 18/12/2020, the terror atmosphere has been hanging over the town Mabata / Maabatli and its villages ” Qantarieh, Hisya, Shetika, Mistika and Arenidyeh ” ,as the militias of “Ashamiya Front” have besieged the town and the abovementioned villages in the wake of bombing  the car of one of its leaders by  an improvised explosive device. The incident was taken as an excuse to abuse the people, as it cordoned off the town where a Turkish army and intelligence center is located. The town and villages have been stormed with vehicles and masked elements, and carried out raids on civilian homes and arrested dozens of them, accompanied by torture and cruel and degrading treatment. The relatives of the detainees dare not communicate with the outside. Reportedly, the last citizens of Mabata – about  20 – who were arrested on 19/20 December, 2020-   were released on 24/12/2020. The militias also raided the villages of ” Mistika and Arendia ” – Shih / Sheikh Al-Hadid sub-district , on  21/12/2020, and arrested from the first village the following citizens: ” Asad Ezzo Alou, Zakaria Ezzo Alou, Muhammad Abdin Hassou, Abdo Nuri Hassou, Hawar Muhammad Suleiman ” and from The second ” Ahmed Haydar Hamo, Abdul Hamid Rashid Hamsuru, Zakaria Muhammad Moro, Ismail Muhammad Abdo, Ismail Bajaq Bilal, Akid Rashid Hussain, Omar Haydar Omar, Abdul Rahman Khalil Mustafa, Muhammad Muhammad Hussein, Masoud Muhammad Yusuf ” , and took them to its headquarters in Maabatli. Then, they were released after two days of investigations. On 22/12/2020, many citizens were arrested from the villages of “ Shitka and Hassiya / Mirkan ” – Mabata district, including “ Banks Abdo Bin Arif ” from the former and “ Faisal Hamaliku, Naasan Sino, Abdo Kanj Khamis and Khalil Hosni Hamdi. ” from latter. It’s worth noting that the citizen ” Khalil Hosni Hamdi ” was tied by neck and dragged behind a car on a bumpy road, and all of them were released. Likewise, on Friday’s dawn 25/12/2020, the citizens ( Khumkin Muhammad Hamaliko, Hussein Muhammad Hamaliko, Amer Muhammad Hanan ) from the village of Hassiya, were arrested and still unaccounted for.

– On Wednesday 23/12/2020, the Turkish occupation authorities released from Maratiyeh Prison – Afrin the Kurdish girl “Arin Daly Hassan / 21 / years old” from the village of Kimareh, who was kidnapped in February 2020 AD by the “ Hamzat Division ” and forcibly disappeared in secret prisons. However, six others who appeared when the “Army of Islam” launched an attack on Hamzat headquarters in Horsh Mahmudiyah – Afrin on 28/05/2020 are unaccounted for until now.

– On 20/12/2020 the young man ” Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim ” from Marateh village was arrested on charges of doing military service and was released on24/12/2020. Also, from the same village the citizen ” Khoshnav Qelij ” was arrested on 15/12/2020 in Afrin and is still unaccounted for. Likewise, the young man, ” Rezan Sheikh Sadiq ” was arrested for nearly four months in Ezzaz, and the owner of the oil pressing the citizen, ” Walid Hassan Abed / 64 / years – old ” was arrested for more than a month when he referred to Ezzaz court as a witness to ” Rezan’s innocence “. Both of them have been under arbitrary detention.

– The female citizen ” Ghazaleh Mannan Slmo ” from Basoufan village – Mount Lilon who was kidnapped on.04/12/2020 AD by the militias ”  of Sham Corps ” is still unaccounted for.

– The citizen Adnan Rahim with his wife and minor daughter from Kafarshill village near Afrin town has been kidnapped for a week, and their fate remains unknown. It is good to remind that the militia in control of the village is the ” Alhamzat”.

Olive season

– Militias of Sultan Murad Band which seizes about / 45 / thousand olive trees in Bulbul and Sharran Districts, according to confessions of the so-called ” Abu Usman- Economics Body official ” in a meeting. The headquarters of the aforementioned is based in the village of Qotta while his home is in village of Giryeh.  The Band has pressed the product of those trees in addition to plundering from the citizens in the press by force without waiting in queue, and paid less than the usual 7% of oil as wages. It also imposed various royalties on oil mills.

– Back to the file of Turkey and its militias takeover of Afrin’s olive oil which is exported to Europe and America as a Turkish producer; the newspaper, the Daily Best of America confirmed in a report dated 24/11/2020 that the company ” Turkana Food”, a Turkish company for importing foodstuffs based in New Jersey, USA, advertised ” Afrin olive oil ” in the catalog of its products on the internet, and that this oil is sold in many stores in America.  On the packages there is a trademark logo that was registered in the Turkish province of Hatay.  The newspaper reported that it had conducted an investigation which revealed that the Syrian warlords stealing of olives to extract high-quality oil that is smuggled to Europe, and that the proceeds are used to finance their combat units that participate in the war..

We have previously documented that the “ Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives ” that have been granted exceptional powers, issued a list of prices for purchasing olive oil from Afrin region, the highest being  31.5$   per a tin of (16 kg of pure oil) which is sold abroad at exorbitant prices to generate huge profits for Turkey and its collaborators, given that the Turkish Commercial Center ( based in Refaatia –Oil Pressing in Jenderes ) took over the purchase of about 25600 tons of oil= 80%  of the total production which was transported by truck through the new Hammam crossing, as appeared in video clip circulated recently and confirmed by the Turkish newspaper Duvar which stated in a report dated 26/11/2020 that olive oil trucks enter Hatay – Turkey without passing through the free zone in the city of ” Karakhan ” , and they are not registered in a systematic manner, and indicated the resentment of local merchants about placing a part of Afrin’s oil on the local market., which leads to reduction of Turkish  olive oil prices. The newspaper also noted that representatives of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives went to New York for the marketing olive oil. Afrin’s oil is not included in ” import ” process even though it comes from another country, and processed and sold to the world under the title ” Made in Turkey “. We have obtained new photos of Afrin olive oil containers, which are exported from Turkey, and sold in Europe and America.


New photos of the ” Nabi Hori – Syros ” shrine were recently published, show the construction of a new concrete building next to it surrounded by red-tiled canopies, while the Turkish flag fluctuates in one of the windows of the Roman pyramid tomb, in addition to the restoration of its mosque and the roofing of its front with red tiles and renovation of the Roman house. All of that has been done after (tampering the shrine and sabotaging the tomb and digging the floor and replacing tiles with modern ones. The old mausoleum has been replaced with a modern one, as well as vandalism in the Roman house that was discovered and renovated by the Lebanese – Syrian mission between the years 2006-2011, according to the report of Idlib’s Center / opposition published on July 13,2018).  In addition to stealing of its contents, digging its yard and uprooting of its trees by the militias during the invasion of the area in March 2018.  Turkey’s aim behind that is an attempt to change the features of this historical site, which is considered one of the global human heritage listed on the lists of UNESCO, to indicate the impact and glory of the Ottoman Empire.  In a grave violation of the international law, the militias are committing war crimes in accordance with the Hague Conventions of 1907   and 1954, and the Protocols – I and II / 1977 / AD additional to the four Geneva Conventions as the militias and thieves are unleashed to attack the antiquities of the Nabi Hori – Syros and steal them with digging and dredging, 

Chaos & Insecurity

– On Tuesday 22/12/2020, a gunman from the “Sultan Murad Division” killed the commander of his battalion named “ Jassem Al-Oweid ” , in the old neighborhood of Afrin, due to his attempt to attack the killer’s sister-in-law, according to what he said in a video clip.

– The Kurdish citizen Muhammad Hanif Hussein, aged 30, from the village of Bililko – Rajo was killed under torture in Rajo police station after his arrest on August 30,2019 by “Ayham Al – Qabaa nicknamed- Abu Shihab who has been acquitted by Afrin mock courts. Not only that, but he has been promoted to a higher rank, and then has recently been appointed as a commander of civilian police in Rajo ” by the occupation authorities.

– On 24/12/2020, an explosive device exploded near Maysaloun School in the Ashrafieh neighborhood of Afrin, wounding three people.

– On25/12/2020 AD, a bomb exploded in the city of Jenderes, in the hand of an armed man, killing one person and wounding two, one of them was a child.

Other violations

– Out of approximately 110 Yazidis households in the village of Faqira – Jenderes, only 46 have remained.  64 families brought from Ghouta, Homs countryside, Aleppo countryside and Daraa have been resettled there. The village is controlled by the militias of ” Alhamzat ” , which have committed numerous violations and crimes, including the theft of the entire cable of electricity network, the arrest of some citizens, digging the shrine of  the Yezidi Sheikh Junaid in search of antiquities and vandalizing the epitaphs of some graves. The village’s inhabitants cannot practice their beliefs freely; and royalties have been imposed on their olive harvest. Also, Al-Hamzat has recently informed the mayor of the village of its intention to seize the entire property of the forcibly displaced people of the village,  including about 6 thousand olive trees hundreds of which have been cut for firewood. None of the remaining residents ever dared to manage those properties on their behalf even if the relationship of kinship was of the first degree.

– The militias ” Al-Majd Corps ” that dominates the villages of Zarga, Jobana, Kassem, Dekkeh, Ashouna and  Kela have started cutting about / 8 / thousands olive trees  for timber trade , and employ men young people of those villages with their tools and vehicles without charge using them almost as slaves.

– On 24/12/2020 a video tape was circulated in the local media page, confirming that the militias of ”  Alhamzat ” cut off thousands of olive trees on both side of  Rajo-road / 1 / km, near Bereein factories  north of the city of Afrin as firewood some of them are aged / 100 / years.

– A few days ago, the Turkish ” Religious Endowment ” began a project to build two mosques in the small villages of ” Aboudan and Sharqiya ” in the Bulbul sub-district.  The Endowment supervises more than 18 institutes of Qur’an memorization in the sub-district, as well as many other religious activities, according to news of the ” local council in Bulbul  within the framework of revitalizing the religious sectarian movement according to an Ottoman – Brotherhood approach. the  Abboudan mosque is being built in the center of the village   in the property of Seydou “Orash”  without paying any compensation to the family that dared not to object . Last Friday, under the supervision of the Endowment “Waqf” a mosque was opened in the village of ” Arab Wiran ” – Sharra sub-district under the Turkish flag.

– During the days 19-21-23/12/2020 the Turkish occupation forces and their militias bombed the vicinity of Meng Airport and the villages of ” Maranaz, Alqamiyyah, Shwargha, Malikiyah, Kashtar and Sagunak ” in Lilon Mount and northern Aleppo..

The international silence, especially of the governments of Russia and America, and the absence of the voice of Geir Pedersen, the special envoy for Syria, regarding violations and war crimes and other crimes against humanity committed against the Afrin region and its people, is suspicious and contemptuous.


Media Office – Afrin

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria ( Yakiti)

Translated by Europe’s Organization of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yakiti) 



– The soldier who sang in Kurdish.

– The citizen “ Khalil Hosni Hamdi ” who was dragged in the village of Hassiya / Mirkan.

– Afrin olive oil bottles sold in Turkey, Europe and America.

– The shrine of the Nabi Hori before and after the occupation.

– The construction site of a mosque in the village of Abboudan, and another in the village of ” Sharqiya”.

– Felling trees near  Bereen plants, on either side of Rajo Road.