التقرير الاسبوعي : عفرين تحت الاحتلال ـ 118

مترجم إلى اللغة الانكليزية 

Afrin Under Occupation (118):

Intentional killing, Railways and antiquities Theft, Terrorist Bombing and arrests, $ 65 million Losses of olive crops


Takbeers and “revolutionary jihadist” slogans were chanted on Friday in Afrin city center.  In a show of force, gunmen armed to the teeth roamed the streets of the city in a convoy of cars, declaring the formation of a new militia under the name of “Syrian Freemen Movement supported by Turkey; comprised of 28 thousand gunmen. It is not affiliated with the “Syrian National Army of the Syrian – Brotherhood Coalition”, according to a statement by one of its leaders. This confirms once again the loyalty of the Syrian terrorist militias to the Turkish government led by Justice and Development Party and its intelligence which dismantles and assembles the Syrian militias under many names in order to reset their structures and control thereof mechanisms, in an effort to evade responsibility for the violations and crimes committed against the region and its people.

Hereunder are some aspects and facts of injustice and criminality:

Intentional Killing: 

At the dawn of Friday 27/11/2020 clashes broke out between an armed group and ”  Alhamzat ”  militia, stationed in Ahlam Mount that overlooks town Basotah . As a result, military vehicles of the latter were damaged. At about nine a.m., shortly after the arrival of peasants and shepherds to Smaghuquih Valley, between the occupied villages of Kimar and Korzalah , near the location of the clashes, and at a distance of 2  km north of the Turkish base located at the top of a mountain near Kimar , they were targeted by militias with a barrage of live bullets – an indication of pure malice. As a result, the minor young Hamo Genghis Najjar / 14 / and the elderly Abd al-Rahman Hussein Hamo / 75 / year-old were killed; while the citizen Masoud Majeed Hussein / 30 / years was wounded in his leg. They are all from Kimar. Even the animal which the young man was using to plow his land with was killed. The corpse of the two martyrs were handed over to their families by the Turkish army in the village. In an aggressive response, the occupation forces and their militias continued till the evening   bombarding the vicinity of the village of Sugankeh in Jebel Liloun, which is under the control of the Syrian army, east of the village of Kimar, where curfew is imposed at night. It is noteworthy that we saw in a video clip two sniper bullets on the body of the slain ” Hamo ” . The two bullets were taken from his body, which confirm that the injured were targeted from a distance at first.

Thefts and Antiquities

–  The part extending between Aleppo and Azaz north (length  40 km ) from the  the strategic line , Orient Express, which was established in 1912 AD, has been subjected to deliberate  vandalism  and theft by groups of ” the Free  Syrian  Army” whereby the  iron bars and rails   have been stolen  during the control of SFA on Aleppo  north  countryside between years 2012-2016 . While the railway remained intact during the rule of self – Administration.  However, we have received new pictures and information which confirm that the militia of Sultan Murad whose headquarters has been in a building named “Suleiman Lounge” –  Rajo, after Maabatli Junction, for more than two years, has proceeded to steal the entire part of the railway under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence, starting from the vicinity of East Ein Hajar village up to the bridge ” Hasan Meshkah ” – Ktak (length  3 km).  The stolen goods have been transferred by vehicles at night, after controlling the roads. The rail and the iron bars have most likely been moved to Turkey like other similar equipment and stolen machinery of plants in Aleppo as there are markets for selling such things to be recycled. That seems to be a premeditated plan to destroy the structures of the Syrian strategic infrastructure.

– We have also received new images for ” Tel Zravkh ” Archaeological site which was excavated by the militia ” of Sultan Murad ” in search of antiquities and treasures more than a year ago. Likewise, the graveyard of martyr Sheikh Jamal al- Din ” – located between the villages of ” Kukan and Joekaya on the dirt road (3 km) dedicated for the tombs of ” Kukan, Ain Hajar and Omo ” villages, was vandalized in September 2019 , by the militia of ”  Alhamzat”.

– Ten days ago, an armed group raided the house of ” Asaad Said ” in the village of “ Qeileh” – Jenders, and stole a large sum of money, gold and smart phones. The family could not complain against anybody, nor did it dare to reveal the amount of stolen money and jewelry for fear of the consequences of exposing the thieves.

–  A special source confirmed, that one of the Pied Pipers of the” Brigade 112” named Osama Rahal, nicknamed ” Abu Hassan Obama” who comes from the village of Malli Zawiya Mount – Idlib, seized approximately / 7 / thousands olive trees in the vicinity of the villages ” Khazaniyeh, Shitka, Habu “-of Mabtah / Maabatli ,District.  The seized trees belong to the Kurdish population who have been forcibly displaced during the occupation of the region. He also forces the inhabitants of the neighboring villages under the control of his brigade to work with their vehicles for free. As a result, he has accumulated large sums of money so much so that together with a partner they installed a new olive mill, at the beginning of this year’s season, in an old building which he had also seized in the village of Domlia, and belongs to Habash Habash Battal. Not only that, he also forces some people of those villages to press their crops in his mill. 

Mess and Chaos 

– On Tuesday 24/11/2020 at 16:20 Afrin city witnessed a terrorist attack whereby a car truck bombed. The blast took place in front of Judy Bakery near the economic headquarters of the militia Shammiya Front in the Industrial Zone. The blast bore the hallmarks of extremist organizations; and resulted in significant material damages to shops, properties and homes in the vicinity of the site, as well as / 3 / victims, and / 24 / wounded – according to the Civil Defense. The names of the victims are: martyr Muhammad Othman Mustafa 58years old, and the wounded: Samir Hanan Najjar, Abdo Adnan Najjar, Ismat Jamil Hassou, Idris Abdo Mustafa they are from the village of Qibar. An eyewitness confirmed to us that the bombing was horrific, and hundreds of thieves came to the site with motorbikes and stole what they could from the store contents and from the pockets of the dead and wounded victims such as money and phones. A militia from the Shammiya Front in Ashrafieh neighborhood looted the house of the murdered ” Muhammad Othman Mustafa ” and seized it after the absence of its residents for the burial of his body in the village.

– Local ” opposition ” media reported that on Saturday 21/11/2020 the citizen, ” Aisha Muhammad Mansour ” / 25 / years old, from the city of Rastan – Homs, was shot dead inside a Sentafe jeep, and died on the spot. The murder happened in an olive field between the villages of ” Qajuma and Qorbeh ” – Jenderes, by the militia of Hamzat Division 

Arbitrary Arrests

– The citizen ” Salah Mustafa Shaabo , a resident of Mabata, has been in detention by the Turkish police and intelligence for nearly two months. Likewise, his brother, ” Zuhair ” was arrested on 22/11/2020. Both of them were severely tortured, and were transferred to a prison Maratneh – Afrin, on charges of relationship with previous Self-Administration, and they are awaiting unfair punishments. It is worthy of mention here that the town has witnessed a campaign of arrests for the same charge against its original Kurdish residents, and six of them (who were employees and members of the local council) are still detained in Marathe prison, despite their previous cooperation with the occupation authorities. They were severely tortured by electrocution in an effort to extract forced confession of communication with the Democratic Union Party PYD.

– On Sunday 22/11/2020, militia of “ Ahrar Asharqiya” investigated five Kurdish citizens in the village of ” Pavlor ” – Jenders” including four women. After being held for one day, they were set free and their parents paid ransoms, on charges of working in ” Commune – The village local council during the previous Self-Administration, as part of a campaign of investigations and arrests against the villagers for the second time.

– On Monday 23/11/2020 the Turkish intelligence arrested the citizen “Hawker Mustafa Alou, aged 27, a resident of Dikiyeh – Bulbul, from his home in Afrin, days after the release of his father, “ Mustafa Colin Alou, ” who was arrested by the armed checkpoint at Kokan village – Rajo-  Afrin road and imprisoned for several days.

Olive Crops 

Contrary to what it used to be in the past years when harvesting season would start in mid-October until late January of the following year, olive season for the year 2020 in Afrin region is almost coming to an end.  That is because of the craving desire of the militias and many other settlers who want to steal the olive crops since the beginning of September. As a result, many indigenous people were forced to start harvesting early and with an extra number of workers, in the hope that they would harvest their crops and protect it from looting and theft. This matter negatively affected the quantity of production and the percentage of oil as well, and the waste increased.  Remarkably, this year’s production has declined for many reasons: the militias’ seizure of millions of olive trees and cutting hundreds of thousands of them for logging, as well as the decline in agricultural service provided by the people due to the high prices and the looting of their crops. The production of this year is estimated at about / 2 / million oil tins (16 kg net ) i.e.one  million tins less than previous major seasons – caused by the occupation of the region.  It is estimated that the purchase of the Turkish Center, located in the ” Rifatiya ” – Jenderes , would be 80%, that is, about  1600000 tins (25,600 tons of oil ) to be transported to Turkey and then exported to European and American markets through several networks. As for the losses in production (theft of olive fruits + royalties to the armed militias and the occupation authorities + confiscation of olives and oil + the seizure of olive fields), they reach about 70%, that is, 1400000 oil cans. The purchase price imposed by the “Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives “is 20-30 dollars at about 15 / / dollars less than the previous one and close to the price of the vegetable oil popular in Syria. Consequently, losses of this season amounted about65 million dollars, except for the costs of agricultural services and harvest, and the production of millions of fruitful wild olive trees, which were harvested, but it is no longer possible now.

Other Violations

– On 23/11/2020, the militia of ” Samarkand Brigade”  severely beat the citizen ” Mahamat Nouri Rasho and robbed him an electric generator ( amperes ) as well as its cable, because he refused to give it to them. After that, they prevented anyone from helping or hospitalizing him, and now, he is in poor health condition. On the afternoon of 24/11/2020, gunmen from the brigade cut down large pine trees in the house of citizen “ Khalil Hajj Abdo s/o Hannan , ” who could do nothing to stop them, leave alone the insults and threats he received.

– Due to a dispute over the quantities of olive oil looted by the pied pipers of   Samarkand Brigade, that controls the town and village Kafar Safrah and Hasirkiyeh – Jenders, on 23/11/2020 ” Abdullah Khalil Murad ” from Kafar Safrah and the brothers ” Abboud and Khalil Mustafa Arab “- the owners of the mill were arrested and severely tortured, despite their cooperation with them in the past. They were set free after taking financial ransoms from their parents. As a result, ” Murad ” felt sick. The whole family of Arab that consists of 12 households were expelled from their houses, and the militia took control of them and seized the mills as well. It is likely that the situation has been settled between the family and the militias later.

The violations and crimes that are being committed continuously on a large scale indicate Ankara government’s determination to perpetuate the state of chaos and insecurity in Afrin and systematically sow discord and corruption among Syrians, in order to eliminate the Kurdish role and presence in Syria and prolong the crisis in our country without a political solution that satisfies everyone.


Media Office – Afrin

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria( Yekti)



– The two martyrs, ” Hamo Genghis Najjar, and Abdul Rahman Hussein Hamo.””.

The railway track, before and after the occupation.

– Tel Zravkh Archaeological site after excavation.

– Afrin bombing in the industrial zone,  24/11/2020 


Translated by Europe’s organization of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party (Yakiti)