Afrin Under Occupation (109)

التقرير الاسبوعي ـ عفرين تحت الاحتلال ـ 109 باللغة الانكليزية 

A Couple injured by a landmine, an assault on a woman, burning forests of  ” Kafr Safra ” again


Hardly one single day passes without violations and crimes committed by pro-Turkey terrorist militias against the Kurds, the indigenous inhabitants of Afrin. The practices, which have bypassed all laws and moral and humanitarian deterrents, are part and parcel of the daily life of the residents. It goes without saying that the primary goal of those practices is to eliminate the Kurdish role and presence and obliterate the historical and cultural monuments of the region, a clear evidence of the continuous hostile approach of the Turkish Turanism towards the Kurds in general for hundreds of years; an approach based on killing, looting, displacement …etc. During the last week we observed the following:

–  Saturday morning on 26/09/2020 AD, the residents of Qasim – Rajo village woke to a loud sound as a result of the explosion of a mine under a tractor in a farmland near the village’s cemetery. The tractor’s driver, Nazmi Hanan Ismail; aged 69 years and his wife Amina Hussein from the village of Shorba aged 60   years, were severely injured. The husband was hospitalized to Afrin hospital to receive treatment and his condition is stable, while the wife has been taken to Turkey due to the seriousness of her wounds.

– On Monday21/09/2020 AD, the female Kurdish citizen Gulistan Ibish, a resident of the village of Kura – Jenderes, was assaulted and severely beaten by a group of settlers from Ghouta who seized her house in the city of Jenderes after her absence only for one day with the intention of visiting her relatives in the village. 

– The militias of Asharqiya Front, which controls Ashrafieh neighborhood – Afrin, kidnapped a Kurdish citizen named Zainab, Khalil Attar’s wife, after raiding her house and stealing some of its contents and an amount of $2500 where they took her to an unknown place and still unaccounted for. 

– On Saturday noon 26/09/2020 and despite the presence of a Turkish military base in the village of ” Chiya – which has been emptied from its inhabitants, the forests of the eastern side of mount Hawar – Raju, whose pristine forests are constantly being unfairly cut at the hands of terrorist militias for logging and charcoal making, were set ablaze and are still burning. It is worth saying that the mountain has been exposed to many fires from all sides since the occupation of the region with the aim of eliminating the vegetation cover of the area.

– The town of Kafr Safra – Jenderes sub – district is living in a very difficult situation.  Following a meeting of the militias’ leaders “Ahrar Asharqiya “and “ Waqqas Brigade “, the militias put pressure on the people by various means to force them to leave their homes and migrate, the last of which was the imposition of financial fees on the current olive season at a rate of  15% of the production, as well as imposing a fine of  SYP10,000 on each pickup transporting a cargo of olive seedlings which the town is famous for. 

– In light of the chaos and turmoil, a huge explosion occurred in a weapons depot in the village of Tal Sallour – Jenderes, causing great panic and fear among the people, without clarifying the reasons, as the location of the explosion was a poultry facility belonging to lawyer Hussein Yazji, a resident of the village.

The practices of the terrorist militias operating under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence have gone beyond all international norms and laws and violate all covenants and charters concerning the rights of peoples and human beings; and the silence of the international community regarding what the people of Afrin are exposed to is unfortunate, suspicious and doubtful even though there are a few condemning voices but they do not rise to the required humanitarian and political level.


Media Office – Afrin

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria ( Yekiti)



– The injured couple Hanan Ismail Nazmi and Amina Hussein, the village of Qasim – Raju.

– Female citizen Golestan Ibish – Jenders.

– Fire in Mount Hawar – Raju