Afrin under occupation (108):

مترجم إلى اللغة الانكليزية 

Massive terrorist explosion and civilian casualties, children’s martyrdom, ongoing arrests, and the village of ” Maratha ” again, ongoing thefts


In a clear and explicit violation of international humanitarian law and a direct challenge to the international system concerned with human rights, the terrorist militias affiliated with the so-called Syrian National Army of the Syrian Interim Government loyal to the Turkish government are carrying out new and innovative patterns of systematic violence and appropriation of public and private properties, let alone the ongoing arbitrary detention. The main purpose of the aforementioned measures is to expand and consolidate the demographic change in Afrin region through fighting the indigenous inhabitants: the Kurds, and push them to emigration and displacement. The frequency and scale of those violations is increasing day by day without any moral or legal deterrent. During the last week we have monitored some of those violations:

– Contrary to what the Turkish occupation authorities and their agents claim that Afrin region is living in a state of stability and safety after its invasion on December 20, 2018, large and frequent explosions take place in Afrin region in the light of chaos and insecurity prevailing there. The last one in the series was on Monday 14/09/2020 whereby a truck bomb was detonated in the center of Afrin near ” Kawa Haddad ” roundabout, that led to financial damages and killed / 11 / people, including children, and about / 40 / others were injured, some of them seriously injured.  Among the victims was the young martyr Ahmed Khalil Ismail / 27 / from the village of Hibbo – Mabata, married with two children. His body was buried in the ” Ziyarat Hanan ” cemetery, and the child martyr Mustafa Muhammad Idawi / 14 / year of Arab origin in the village of Tal Tawil – Afrin.

– With the random proliferation of weapons, almost daily clashes erupt among the insurgents themselves in residential areas that consequently lead to the fall of the victims. The most recent of in this respect was the one that took place on Villas Street downtown on 19/09/2020, and led to the death of the child Yousef Othman / 3 / years, being shot with a stray bullet a gunman had fired at random.

– On Thursday 10/09/2020, the so-called Military Police arrested: Rashid Khorshid, aged 32 years, Didar Khorshid , aged 34 years, from the village of Kura – Jenderes, under the pretext of their dealings with the previous Self-Administration.  They stole a private car in addition to a sum of money and several mobile phones of the family members. They are unaccounted for until this moment.

– On 16/09/2020 Ahrar al-Sharqiya militia arrested the young woman Maryam Afadek Sheikho / 16 / from the village of Qasim – Rajo with three others, and they are still unaccounted for.

In addition to that, Sultan Murad militia arrested on 16/09/2020 the citizen Murad Abdul Rahman Rashid / 25 / year a resident of Jenders and still unaccounted for.

On 17/09/2020, and as a supplement to the detention of the president and some members of the local council of the city of Jenderes which had been formed by the Turkish occupation, Turkish intelligence raided the house of the citizen Muhammad Bazo – Jenderes district and arrested him.

– In Birimjeh –  village Mabata district, the so-called Military Police arrested the following citizens: Khalil Muhammad Othman, Walid Mustafa Musa, Muhammad Hanan Musa, Mustafa Muhammad Sido, for the third time in a row, under the pretext of dealing with the previous Self-administration, and force them to pay TL700 as a fine for each person.

–  Marata Village:   among the violations and inhuman practices against the Kurds of Afrin, a person name “Mutaz”, a prominent figure of “Alhamzat Squad” dominating the village of Marata annexed to Afrin city, force the owners of three tractor drivers to serve him on a daily basis, out of free charge or without even paying them their costs. The tractor owners bring three water tankers daily from the nearby village ( Gundî Mezin ) , for watering Mutaz’s cattle made of 700 sheep. Please take note that the cost of transporting one tanker is SYP10,000. The same tractor drivers are obliged   as well as to transport the trees that the armed men had cut from the fields surrounding the village to several places of assembly.

It is worth noting that the so-called “ Mutaz ” is grazing his herd of livestock randomly in agricultural lands and olive fields belonging to the people of the village, and the militias also have stolen all cables and wooden telephone and electricity  poles  ) from the center of the village in broad daylight).

The bulk of violations and crimes committed by the terrorist militias in Afrin region and under the direct supervision of Turkish intelligence is increasing day by day. The report of the independent international investigation committee on Syria issued a few days ago mentions but a part of them, although it did not clearly hold Turkey accountable for it. The people of Afrin renew their demand to the international community to hold the perpetrators of these violations seriously accountable and prosecute them; they also demand to urge the Turkish state and the militias loyal to it to withdraw from Afrin and the rest of the occupied Syrian cities.


Media Office – Afrin

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria  ( Yekîtî )



–  Afrin detonation-   Kawa roundabout.

The child martyr Yusef Othman.

– The young martyr Ahmed Khalil Ismail – Hobo village.