Afrin under occupation (106):
Imposing Turkish currency, burning and cutting of forests, shortage of drinking water, continuation of arrests & ransoms

Through its organizations located in most countries, it is the duty of the United Nations to monitor the extent to which states adhere to the international covenants and charters that they have signed. The daily violation of those international covenants and treaties in our country, Syria in general, and in Afrin region in particular, puts the reputation and status of the international organization at risk. UN’s silence over the daily violations and crimes committed by the Turkish occupation authorities and the terrorist militias loyal to them against Afrin region and its people, encourages Turkey to go on in its policy to create a new reality for the region, with the aim of expanding and consolidating the demographic change that it seeks is a clear and explicit encroachment on the Syrian national sovereignty. During the last week, we could document these violations:
– The Turkish occupation authorities have for some time been imposing dealing in the Turkish lira instead of the Syrian currency in all administrative, financial and commercial transactions, with the aim of imposing a new reality in the occupied areas and trying to cut the economic growth in them from the rest of the Syrian regions.  Moreover, in a flagrant violation of the Syrian national sovereignty; the Turkish flag and pictures of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are raised over most of the military and civilian headquarters and institutions of the occupation authorities.
– To obtain firewood, make charcoal and consequently eliminate the green vegetation of the region, the armed militias set fire to the forests every now and then in Afrin region; the last one was on 08/31/2020 when they set up fires in Hawar Mount- east of Afraz village – Mabata district.
– Likewise, the Sham Legion militia cut down about / 2000 / pine trees in the forest between the villages of Kela and Zarka – Bulbul, for the purpose of getting lumber and making charcoal, especially to prepare winter supplies.  The militias in the villages of ” Chaqmaqa, Janjlia, Alamdara” , Rajo District, continue to cut down trees on a daily basis in the surrounding mountains.
– As the pump and other components of Zarka water station have been stolen by the terrorist gangsters at the beginning of Afrin’s invasion in March, 2018, residents of (Gera, Kela and Zarga) villages, Bulbul District, are suffering from drinking water shortage. As a result, people are forced to buy drinking water from wells and surrounding villages at SYP 13000 for one tanker (up to 12 barrels). That attack and sabotage of the water station is one of hundreds of inhuman practices against the people of Afrin to push them to displace and migrate outside the region.
– On Thursday 27/8/2020 the so-called Civil Police carried out a campaign of arrests in the town of Jalameh – Jenderes. The detainees included: “ Muhammad Hassan Zori / 40 / years, Ali Hassan Zori / 30 / years, Kenjo Subhi Kanjo / 35 / years old. Fahd Ali Ali / 35 / years old. They were accused of dealing with the previous Self-Administration. Having each paid an amount ranging between (1000-2000) Turkish lira, they were released after three days.  On 31/08/2020, the terrorist militia, known as” Sham Legion” arrested the young citizen Qaziqli Jamil Maho / 23 / year from the village Hakjh – Jenders, in order to blackmail his family to pay a ransom, and still unaccounted for. On 31/08/2020 while going to Azaz, the terrorist militia “Ahrar Asharqiyya” arrested the elderly ” Murad Mohammed Rashid 65 years from the village of Yalanqouz – Jenders. They robbed him the amount SYP 1,250,000 and released afterwards.
– In light of weapons anarchy; and in order to expand the scope of control and influence to steal public and private properties, fighting breaks out every now and then among the armed militias. The last one in this respect was the fighting between ” Sultan Suleiman Shah Brigade “Alamchat ” militia and “Waqqas “Brigade dominating the village Sinareh-Shiyeh. The impetus behind fighting was to take control of the archaeological hill of Jernaz, where the latter managed to control the hill. By doing so, they set sights on the fertile plains of Sinareh and Ankale rich with summer crops and olive trees.
Considering encroachment on the Syrian national sovereignty as unacceptable, the people of Afrin region renew their request to the Syrian government to carry out its duties towards their region: at least address the United Nations to exert pressure on the Turkish government to put an end to the violations and daily crimes committed against them; and to create conditions and take adequate measures to pave the road for safe return of the displaced to their homes from which they were forcibly displaced.
Media Office – Afrin
The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria ( Yekiti)
– Mount Hawar east of villageAfraz, Jalma – town Jenderes 
– The elderly detainee Murad Rashid Muhammad
 – The young detainee Qazqli, Jamil Maho.