التقرير الاسبوعي ـ عفرين تحت الاحتلال 

مترجم إلى اللغة الانكليزية 

Afrin Under occupation (123):

Qubi, a Persecuted Village, a Woman’s Killing, Kidnapping, Detentions and Secret Prisons, Almond Trees Cut Down, Blast in Jendires

With the logic of narrow deals and interests, mixed with arrogance and reprehensible Islamist and nationalist beliefs, the government of Ankara headed by Erdogan deals with all files, both internal and external, from that perspective. Therefore, it is actively working in the Syrian file on the basis of expanding its influence and protecting its henchmen, even if they are terrorists, and mainly to strike the Kurdish presence and role in Syria. It introduces and supervises the violations and crimes against Afrin region and its people. Among the crimes and violations committed, we hereby mention the following:
= Out of 122 families in the village of Qubi – Rajo, which was occupied in mid-March 2018, only 50 families of 130 of the indigenous Kurdish inhabitants have remained in it, most of whom are elderly. At the same time about 72 families from Ghouta, Homs, and the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib have been resettled in the occupied houses as 50 tents have been set up for them in the threshing floor near the school.  During the invasion of the village, many items were stolen (an agricultural tractor belongs to Ibrahim Shukri Dadako and another belongs the citizen Akash Haj Abdo, a taxi belongs to the citizen Ali Sheikho Kousa) by the “Al-Muntasir Billah” militia, which had a special prison in the house of the citizen “Ahmed Hassou” and has been relocated about four months ago to the house of the forcibly displaced citizen, “Muhammad Aref Hamiyah”. It is that same militia that cut the forest of Haydo Mount overlooking the village; and in collaboration with Hamzat militias they cut the whole forest of Kinkeh which had long-lived trees dedicated to the graveyard of the adjacent villages of “Qubi and Berbneh. After returning to his village which he had been obliged to leave in 2018, the elderly “Muhammad Sido Sheikho / 75 / years old was compelled to displace under the pressure of arrest, torture and harassment. Among the homes seized for “security reasons: we mentioned the house of the late “Muhammad Sheikho (Maami Jojak) and the neighboring house belonging to his son Sabri was destroyed by bombing during the war.  Related to this, about / 200 / perennial olive trees belonging to the “Hido and Dadako” – Qubi families were uprooted during digging and bulldozing the archaeological hill of Katakh in the summer of 2018.
= At the beginning of December 2020, Nadera Darmash, resident of Afrin of Arab ethnic origins, was kidnapped. After more than ten days, her corpse was found in her house where she used to live alone in the old neighborhood, near the Al-Rifia school. The victim was a well-to-do divorced woman. Her home and money were stolen, as well as two cars belonging to her.
= On the evening of Monday, 28/12/2020 AD, the “Hamzat Division” militia raided several houses in the village of Kokan – Mabta / Maabatli, and kidnapped / 17 / citizens, including two elderly people over 70 years of age, then released them after midnight, in exchange for a ransom of 10 tins of olive oil for every one of them. It is good to remind in this respect that most of them had previously been arrested and had paid ransoms and fines with the militias and the so-called courts of Afrin.
= The militias of the Ashamiya Front continued to raid houses in the village of Hassiya – Mabta / Maabatli, and arbitrary arrests began on 29/12/2020 including the citizen Laila Mahmoud Jaafar and her minor son Muhammad, while her husband Amer Hanan was arrested on 25/12/2020. The young man. Muhammad Rashad bin Khalil Hamo, as well as the citizens, “Bahri Abdel Qader Aliko, Sfakan Ahmed Mustafa” were arrest on 30/12/2020. The detainees and their families had a cruel treatment and torture.
= A local source confirmed the existence of a secret prison run by “Ashamiya Front” militia at its headquarters in the former site of “Baath Vanguards Organization ” in the village of Kafr Janneh. A local media page – opposition confirmed its existence, calling it “Kfarjana Prison – Sednaya”. The page confirmed that the Ashamiya Front under the supervision of Abu Ahmed Nour practices “various forms of torture against prisoners”. It also spoke about civilians who have been imprisoned for more than two years – the Shamiya denies their existence – and the liquidation of one of them after his relatives were unable to pay a large ransom. Upon referring to the ” Administration of Military Police in Afrin for the prisoners at Kafarajneh prison, the answer is “that is in the hands of the Turkish intelligence apparatus and we cannot interfere” – according to the page.
= Having spent about six months in detention and two years of enforced disappearance in a secret prison, where they suffered cruel treatment and torture, the two brothers: “Hussein and Anwar Muhammad,” from the “Chro” family – Baadina town, were released by the Turkish occupation authorities from Maratha prison – Afrin on 28/12/2020. They were transferred to Maratah prison after their health deteriorated.
= More than a week ago, Anukba “Elite” Army militia controlling the villages of Amara, Shekhutka, Simala and Zaitunake forced the people to attend mosques to pray, and attend religious circles, under the threat of arrest or expulsion from the village, in order to teach them religious teachings and “guide them to the right route”. The inhabitants have been described as “infidels and pigs,” at a time when that militia is committing all kinds of transgressions and sins without leaving its leaders and sheikhs with an eyelid.
= During the New Year’s Day, the militias controlling “Khulalka” village – Rajo, cut down the almond trees of Koussa family in “Midana” valley. The age of some the trees exceed / 100 / years to be sold as firewood, as the price per ton of it reached up to / 300 / thousand Syrian pounds in this winter.
= Due to Turkey’s disavowal to carry out its responsibilities to ensure public order and public safety and to provide protection for civilians, as it is the holder of effective control and the occupying power of the lands of another state; and as an indication of the chaos and insecurity prevailing in the region, a car bomb exploded this afternoon, in the middle of the city of Jenderes – near Madia automated bakery, which led to deaths and injuries – we could not know their names until the report was prepared- and financial damages.
The inhabitants of Afrin bitterly talk about the ongoing suffering they have been subjected to at the hands of their fellow countrymen who pretend to be the owners of ” freedom and dignity revolution ” and “the true Islamic religion”. The people of Afrin insist on clinging to their land and defending their cause, as well as revealing the violations, crimes and hostile policies that are followed by the Turkey of Justice and Development – and its loyalists from the Syrian-Brotherhood coalition and extremist terrorist militias.
Media Office – Afrin
The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekti)
– The house of the late Muhammad Sheikho in the village of Qubi, with a graffito on his door, “No entry is permitted except without prior knowledge of the security forces.””.
– The forest of the “Kanaka” cemetery, between the villages of “Qubi and Barbana”, before the occupation and the complete cutting.
– The archaeological hill “Katakh” before the occupation, and the olive trees before cutting, digging and leveling the hill.
– The arrested citizen, “Laila Mahmoud Jaafar” – Hassiya village.
– Detonation of a car bomb in the middle of Jendires.
Translated by Europe’s Organization of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekti)